Kim and Ron start a new school year (possibly Eleventh Grade year), and as Ron arrives home, he learns that his family is moving to Norway. Kim and Ron discuss at Bueno Nacho, and Kim says that she couldn't save the world without him. Before Ron's family leaves, Kim gives him his own kimmunicator. Ron and Kim call on their kimmunicators, and eventually Wade calls in and tells Kim that there is a museum robbery committed by Monkey Fist, who attempts to steal the headless Tempus Simia Idol. as Kim fights back, more villians show up one by one: Duff Killigan, Drakken and Shego. they lock Kim in a coffin and succesfully leave with the disassembled idol. Ron shows up the next morning and releases Kim, and learn a little about the idol that if the head is reattached, the power will be restored. Kim inteands to look up anything she can about the stolen object, while Ron just decides to remain in Norway.