Adrena Lynn
Full Name: Unknown
Alias(es): No Known Aliases
Gender: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Build: Unknown
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Black
Skin: Fair
Hometown: Unknown
Professional Info
  Stunt Girl
  No Known Affiliations
  No Known Relatives
  No Known Friends
Love Interest(s):
  No Known Love Interests
  No Known Pets
  No Known Nemesis
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "All the News"
Voiced by:
  Rachel Dratch
Adrena Lynn was a TV teen action star who specialized in "extreme" death-defying stunts. In reality, she faked all of her stunts, and was exposed by Kim and Ron when Kim tried to save Lynn from a failed bungee jump stunt only to discover Lynn didn't in fact perform the stunt herself, instead using a stuffed stunt-double dummy.

It was really Ron who exposed her to the press as being a "FAKE". Her catchphrase was to exclaim the word "freaky" in sentences, placing the emphasis on the "eaky" but not the "fr". Adrena Lynn attempted to get revenge on Kim and Ron for exposing her as a fraud, but was defeated and sent off to jail after a death-defying battle at the abandoned fair grounds in Middleton that ended with Adrena Lynn being exposed once again as a coward by her own self-admission.


Adrena Lynn is a hard character who is an extreme form of a bad and powerful girl. She pretended to adore the danger and that she could to take it to extremes.

As a major villain

Adrena Lynn was originally going to be a major villain on the show. She was put in many of the show's promotional images and was one of the villains who fans were allowed to e-mail on the website (before 2007). However, she proved to be unpopular with audiences and was written out of the series as a result. Currently, her only other appearances were in the video game Global Gemini for the Nintendo DS and a cameo in the end credits of Graduation, Part 2.


  • Her name is an allusion to "adrenaline", a hormone found in mammals and humans which is produced in response to moments of extreme stress; usually causing such a degree of heightened and sharpened senses, or a "high", which many extreme sports athletes called adrenaline junkies may become addicted to, thus seeking ever more thrilling and or dangerous activities to achieve their rushes.
    • Unfortunately, by making Adrena Lynn a coward who faked all of her stunts, she failed to live up to her name and any potential as a true villain/rival to Kim.


  • It is possible that this experience was a key element in James Possible being distrustful of "show folk" and celebrities in general, especially after Jim and Tim injured themselves in a foolish attempt to imitate her failed bungee jumping stunt by jumping off the roof of their house using yarn.



Behind the Scenes

Voiced By

She is voiced by Rachel Dratch.


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