American Starmaker
First Appearance: Rappin' Drakken
American Starmaker is a television talent show where contestants appear in competition for the opportunity to become famous, stars, and celebrities.

The emcee of the show says mean, hurtful, and rude comments, such as, "A young lady with a voice that could melt flesh."[1]

Known Viewers

  • Kim Possible, who is intimidated by the lead judge.
  • Ron Stoppable and his pet, Rufus.
    • Ron often watches the show instead of doing his homework, and is amazed that Kim is scared of the lead judge despite the fact the two of them fight people way worse than him on a regular basis.
  • Wade, and according to him, millions of other people.
  • Shego.
  • Dr. Drakken, who appeared as a contestant but was later disqualified and arrested by the police.



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