This article is about Amy, an MHS background student. You may be looking for the supervillain geneticist Amy Hall.

caption in concept art

Amy[1] is one of the minor Middleton High School students. She has an unnamed twin sister also in attendance.


  • Amy is the official pre-production name as seen in an early coming-soon television commercial. It was never actually spoken in the show. As of this date, the only proof of her official name is a poor resolution image copied from a now-deleted video from on youtube. Her in-universe namelessness outside of concept art has led fans to invent names for her. Like "The Background Lesbian (BGL)" due to her somewhat plain and lanky appearance, which eventually lead to fanon embracing the name "Alex Saffic".
  • She has spoken once while Prince Wally was visiting MHS[2].
  • She has a blonde "twin" at the school Ron Stoppable attended in Norway in a now-erased timeline[3].


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