Athena is a student new to Middleton High School who became best friends to Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable. They found her sitting against a wall crying. According to herself, she was having a rough day. Kim Possible then decided to help Athena, and invited her to go with herself and Ron to Bueno Nacho.

She was eventually revealed to be a cybertronic humanoid created by Dr. Drakken.


  • Athena betrayed Kim and Ron but after they saved her, she saved them and they shortly became friends again.


  • Athena is portrayed by Ciara Riley Wilson.
  • Athena was created exclusively for the movie.
  • The outfit Athena wears resembles Kim Possible's Season 4 outfit from the OCC.
  • In the OCC, cybertronics is a technology pioneered by both James Possible and Slim Possible.
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