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Electronique with the Reverse Polarizer modified Attitudinator.

The Attitudinator is a helmet-like device that can take an individual's "good" and "evil" mental energies. alter the ratio of them, and re-instill the results, effectively making them Good or Evil accordingly. This device was developed by Jack Hench's HenchCo's research and development department. It was first unveiled to the Evil Community at a Villains Convention, which was were Kim and Ron first encountered it while spying undercover. During a fight with Shego, the Attitudinator was broken and unknowingly to everyone mixed and swapped the energies of Dr. Drakken and Ron. Drakken tested his "evil quotient" and learned he was not as evil as he thought, but instead was very low. [1]

Later Electronique obtained a model of the Attitudinator, and used her gifted genius with electronics to modify it into what she called the "Reverse Polarizer". By simply must pressing the HenchCo "H" logo on the helmet, it would fire an energy beam which caused its target to toggle between Good and Evil. A difference in its appearance was blue jumper cabling connecting the two Good- and Evil-essence containers. As the Reverse Polarizer she used it upon the collected members of Team Go, turning the brothers evil, but being unaware of Shego's changed life choices, turned her good.[2]

Attitudinator's Theories

It isn't clear how weak evil from Drakken could transform so thoroughly transform Ron, but there are several theories.

Theory 1: Ron has a very powerful evil side, but it is normally suppressed by his easygoing good side. So, the small portion of evil he got from Drakken was enough to break the balance from good to evil.

Theory 2: The Attitudinator was designed to remove one's good side, and leave one's evil side intact. So when the Attitudinator's stored evil energy from Drakken was absorbed into Ron, and for Drakken vice-versa, it completely removed Ron's good side leaving his inherent evil side intact, and replaced it with Drakken's evil side, while the opposite was done for Drakken.



Reverse Polarizer


  • The Attitudinator reveals a person's true personality and power.
    • Ron Stoppable shows that he can be just as powerful as Kim.
    • Dr. Drakken shows his lack of evil and skill.
    • Shego is able to win people over when deprived of her sadistic qualities.
    • Hego, Mego, and Wego of Team Go show their failure at being superheroes.
  • It is still a mystery as to why Ron and Drakken's skin colors also gradually swapped.


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