Bob Schooley
Gender Male
Nationality United States of America
Professional Information
Profession Screenwriter, Film and TV Producer.
Affiliations Disney, Nickolodeon, Schooley-McCorkle (upcoming company)
Behind the Scenes

Robert "Bob" Schooley is one of the creators of Kim Possible.

He created the show along with Mark McCorkle. During the entire run, both have served as Executive Producers, Writers and Story Editors of the series.

Mark thought of the initial concept of the show when he said to Bob, "Kim Possible, she can do anything!", to which Bob allegedly responded with "Ron Stoppable, he can't do anything!"

On-screen credit for Bob and Mark.

Both are the producers of Penguins of Madagascar and Monsters Vs. Aliens TV Series.

As of 2016 the two are working on the Big Hero 6: The Series for Disney Channel.


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