Chez Couteaux
Chez Couteaux
Location: Middleton
First Appearance: The Big Job
Chez Couteaux is a classy and expensive French restaurant which Ron takes Kim to and intends to pay for their meal using coupons for the children's menu[1].


Located in the Tri-City area, its specific location is never given.


A classy and pricey restaurant that allegedly requires reservations for any diners. Ron asked Wade to reserve a table for him and Kim when he takes her on a date there[1].

Despite its sophistication the classy restaurant offers a children's menu with a color-in otter. However, they have only four shades of crayon to color it in with, much to Ron's dismay[1].

Menu Items

  • Starters
    • Not breadsticks.
  • Kid's menu
    • Nugget du Chicken
    • Griddled Fromage


Along with being a site of two of Kim and Ron's dates, the restaurant is also where Kim and Ron went on a double-date with Shego and Mr. Barkin when Shego and the rest of Team Go are under the affects of the Attitudinator[2].


  • It's name translates roughly from French into something along the lines of 'Among (Chez) Knives (Couteaux)'.
  • The waiter is referred to by Ron as 'Garçon' which is most commonly used to mean 'boy' in French, but is also a French name and a word used for 'waiter'.


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