Full Name: Unknown
Alias(es): No Known Aliases
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Build: Tall and Muscular
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Unknown
Skin: Lightly Tanned
Hometown: Unknown
Professional Info
  Fashion Designer
  The Fashionistas
  No Known Relatives
  No Known Friends
Love Interest(s):
  No Known Love Interests
  No Known Pets
  Kim Possible
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Fashion Victim"
Voiced by:
  Charlie Schlatter

Chino made his first appearance in the episode "Fashion Victim" and was voiced by Charlie Schlatter.

Background History

A trio of fashion-obsessed crooks, Chino, the male, Espadrile, the one without the hoodie, and Hoodie, the one with the hoodie, which collectively comprise the Fashionistas. They operate an organization dubbed "The Fashion Underground" based in Milan, Italy, in which they obtain various new fashion designs, make cheap imitations of them, and sell the counterfeits around the world, thus throwing the fashion world into chaos.

In chronological order, their first appearance is in "Fashion Victim", where they hire fellow fashion lover Camille Leon to steal Club Banana's newest designs. Camille, however, also takes the opportunity to get her personal revenge on Kim in the process, which turns out to be their undoing when Kim turns the tables by posing as Camille and infiltrating their organization.

In "Clothes Minded", Kim and Ron visit the villainous trio in prison in hopes of convincing them to design Kim's new mission outfit. They design the new clothes for her, but refuse to give up the outfit when Kim's turns down a trade, the design for their freedom. Although they refuse to give Kim the design, Rufus remembers it well enough to get it down on paper for Monique to study and create.


We see Chino's high skill at basketball in prison.