Connie Rockwaller
Full Name: Connie Rockwaller
Alias(es): No Known Aliases
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Build: Slender but curvy
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Blue-green
Skin: Lightly tanned
Hometown: Middleton
Professional Info
  No Known Affiliations
  Mrs. Rockwaller (mother)
Lonnie Rockwaller (sister)
Bonnie Rockwaller (sister)
  No Known Friends
Love Interest(s):
  No Known Love Interests
  No Known Pets
  No Known Nemesis
Behind the Scenes
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Connie is one of Bonnie's older sisters, along with Lonnie.


Like her younger sister, Bonnie, Connie has brown hair and a slender but curvaceous figure. Although Connie's taller and her hair is a lighter shade of brown and much wavier than Bonnie's, and she also has blue-green eyes and a paler but lightly tanned skin tone.


Connie has a similar personality to Bonnie, but is significantly ruder and, in many ways, meaner than Bonnie. Connie and Lonnie do not just act mean, snobby and rude to their sister, but to others as well, like Kim, as shown when Kim tried introducing herself to them. When Bonnie had introduced her sisters to Kim, she said that "they're my older sisters, way older" which left both Connie and Lonnie insulted[1].


Aside from being the smartest of the Rockwaller sisters, little is actually known about Connie's abilities. Although it can be assumed that she does have some other kind of talent or skill, as mentioned in "Hidden Talent" by Bonnie when she was signing up for the Middleton High talent show. Bonnie stated that her siblings, presumably including Connie and their other sister Lonnie as her only known siblings, had won the talent show four years in a row when they were students at the school, and that she herself had no intention on breaking the "Rockwaller family tradition". And given her statement that she 'got all the brains' Connie may be academically gifted but in what areas is unknown. But oddly enough, she did not correct Lonnie when she identified France as a city instead of a country, on the other hand this failure may be attributed their close relationship.




Main article: Mrs. Rockwaller

Nothing is known about Connie's relationship with their mother.


Nothing is ever mentioned about the father of the Rockwaller sisters.


Main article: Bonnie Rockwaller

Connie, like her sister Lonnie, enjoys teasing Bonnie, the youngest of the three, and like Lonnie looks down on her. According to her, she "got all the brains", while Lonnie "got all the looks", and Bonnie "got the rest"[1].


Main article: Lonnie Rockwaller

Connie appears to get along well with Lonnie, who she was seen with in "Bonding". As the two sisters were only seen once in person, it is unknown if they hang out with each other all the time or not. Bonnie's statement in "Hidden Talent" about her "older sibs", presumably including Connie and Lonnie, winning the competition four years in a row indicates that they may be fraternal twins.


Behind the Scenes

Episode Appearances

Connie and Lonnie are implied in the episode "Hidden Talent" when Bonnie signs up for the Middleton High talent show, who also tells Kim that her "older sibs" had won the talent show four years in a row when they were students at the school, and she had no intention of breaking the 'Rockwaller family tradition'.

Season 3
US Broadcast
303 54 Bonding


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