Cuddle Buddy
Type: Collectible Toys
Notable members: Kim Possible
First Appearance: "Downhill"

Cuddle Buddies are a series of collectible plush toys. They are analogous to Beanie Babies. Only three of the toys are named in the series: Pandaroo, Otterfly, and Flamingoat.


Although only a few collectors, or Cuddlers as they were called, were identified, the Cuddle Buddies franchise was implied to be a major and fairly successful one. Aside from having their own website, there was also a convention called Cuddle Con for Cuddlers to meet at.[1]

Members/Toys Owned


DNAmy took great pride in the fact that she was the former president of the Cuddle Buddy Collectors Club, and had collected every Cuddle Buddy ever made. However, once she proposed the idea of creating life-sized, living Cuddle Buddies at a convention, she was considered mad. She did, however, eventually realize her dream.[1]



  • Cuddle Buddies are similar to Beanie Babies and Jumbies—a kind of stuffed animal in which are animal babies that are mixture of two or more kinds of animals.
  • Cuddle Buddies appear to be a parody of, or a possible homage to, The Wuzzles, a short-lived franchise involving creatures that are combinations of two different animals. Coincidentally, both Cuddle Buddies and The Wuzzles are created by Disney.
    • They might be the inspiration of the Spin Master interactive toy, Hatchimals, which are also a series about hybrid animals.

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Living Cuddle Buddies

Due to the original company phasing out Cuddle Buddies plush collectibles, the bio-geneticist Amy Hall, known also as DNAmy, decided she would make her own life-sized and flesh blood genetically hybridized amalgams of two or more animals.  Exactly how many she has made is unknown, but at least six have been seen:

  1. a dog / lobster
  2. a rhinoceros / hare
  3. a bird or chicken / man or woman
  4. a hog or boar / man or woman
  5. a cat / snake
  6. Mr Barkin / Rufus, reversed


  • Kim's favorite Cuddle Buddy is Pandaroo. She used to sleep with it every night, and never allowed her mother to wash it. Her Pandaroo was last seen in "Graduation", when a Lorwardian tripod crash-landed in her house and crushed it.
  • Otterfly is mixed between an otter and a butterfly.
  • Flamingoat is crossed between a goat and a flamingo and was the rarest of the Cuddle Buddies as only ten were made"
  • Naked Mole Man was mixed between Mr. Barkin and Rufus.
  • Other cuddle buddies shown such as Crocodile-Elephant and Walrus-Lion.
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