Ned holding Diablo Sauce.

Diablo Sauce is a product from Bueno Nacho, presumably a type of hot sauce.

In "A Sitch in Time," Rufus pulls out a packet of Diablo Sauce from a fallen Bueno Nacho.

In "Tick-Tick-Tick," Ron used a packet of Diablo Sauce, which Ned threw to him in order to get Dr. Drakken's Robotic Tick to let go of Kim's nose.

In "Day of the Snowmen," Ron used the 5-Alarm Diablo Sauce to keep his hands warm in the blizzard. Kim said the 5-Alarm Diablo Sauce was discontinued, but Ron explains he managed to save some packets of it. Rufus used all of the sauces to melt several of the toxic snowmen.

In "So the Drama," Ned used the sauce to write "Evil" on a tray, as a message to Ron.


  • The 5-Alarm Diablo Sauce is a reference to fire department alarm levels and the dangers of certain peppers used for hot sauce.