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This article is about Dr. Drakken, the original continuity character. You may be looking for his movie continuity counterpart.
Drew Lipsky
Full Name: Drew Theodore P. Lipsky
Alias(es): Dr. Drakken
Gender: Male
Age: 35-40
Build: Average
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Skin: Blue
Hometown: Multiple Transient Lairs
Professional Info
  Mad Scientist
College student (dropout)
  No Known Affiliations
  • Mrs. Lipsky (mother)
  • Eddie Lipsky (cousin)
James Possible (former)
Bob Chen (former)
Ramesh (former)
Love Interest(s):
  DNAmy (unrequited)
  Commodore Puddles
  Kim Possible
Ron Stoppable
Professor Dementor
James Possible
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
Voiced by:
  John Dimaggio

Drew Theodore P. Lipsky, alias Dr. Drakken, is a genius robotics inventor and engineer, considered by Kim Possible as her arch-nemesis. A self-proclaimed mad scientist, Drakken dreamed of world domination, but was constantly thwarted by the efforts of Team Possible. Voiced by John DiMaggio, he is the show's main antagonist.


Drakken with normal skin.

Drakken is of average height and build with light-blue skin, long black hair tied in a ponytail, a scar under his left eye, and a thick unibrow.

The reason for Drakken's blue-toned skin is never revealed. Although, from the beginning of a conversation between Drakken and Professor Dementor it is known that it happened on a Tuesday.[1] Shego once teased that his five-year winning streak at pie-eating contests had caused some blueberry "schmutz" to turn his skin blue.[2] It is also known that his skin coloration is somehow tied to his evil, as, when it was removed by the Attitudinator, his skin color returned to a natural color after a gradual process, and, when transferred to Ron, it turned Ron blue until it was removed from him, restoring him to normal, and returned to Drakken, making him blue once again.[3]

Drakken's primary outfit is a blue double-breasted coat and trousers, with black gloves and boots. He also wears a wide belt and a black collar, both of which are embossed with pale green circles.


Drakken was a self-categorized "evil megalomaniac" who was fueled by pettiness and jealousy. He was constantly boastful about his plans, frequently ranted about his successes while they lasted to whatever audience was available, which was usually Shego. He became irritated whenever someone reminded him how Professor Dementor enjoyed a more impressive reputation as a villainous mad scientist.

He had a very threatening bearing until after the incident where he placed a mind-control chip on Shego; upon her being freed of it, she unleashed her anger upon him. What she did to him fully is unknown, but after that Drakken was never the same, being quite fearful of Shego's temper and wrath, often quailing from the prospects of upsetting her. When confronted with a serious and irate Ron at the climax of the "Little Diablos" incident, his bravado quickly fled and he complied with Ron's demand to address him by name while cowering in the rain.

After the Lorwardian global invasion, Drakken and Shego appear to have given up villainy while being hailed for their part in helping to save Earth. It is unknown if they ever returned to a life of evil or not.



PDVD 308.jpg

Drew Lipsky was noted to have had a "twisted childhood", at one point ranting about how in fourth grade, he developed a ray that allowed him to control rubber products. Though he said he was called mad, after that nobody could best him at four square, tether ball or dodgeball.[4]

Drew Lipsky attended university with Kim's father, Bob Chen and Ramesh. On the night of the science department mixer, he promised his friends to set them up with dates. However, he arrived a half hour late, and instead of bringing dates he presented his Bebe prototype to them. For days, the three laughed long and loud at Drew's embarrassing turnout, eventually leaving him to drop out of school. Apparently after leaving school he embarked upon the beginning of his life of crime, shedding his name and eventually becoming the mad scientist "Dr. Drakken".[5]

During a dream Kim had, which might or might not have been shared with Ron, and not confirmed as relating true past events, it was seen that the inspiration to choose a lifestyle of the evil persuasion presented itself much earlier. As a boy, he had listened to a wax recording he found in his mother's attic of his great-great-grandfather, Bartholomew Lipsky, talking about one of his plans. It was a brief clip which he did not fully understand, but nevertheless it led young Drakken to begin constructing destructive mechanisms and torturous devices, and planted the seeds for the malevolently inclined disposition he enjoyed as an adult.[6]

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

During Drakken's incarceration after the "Diablos", many times he thought someone would be in the process of breaking him out of prison, only to find out it was only Shego being liberated, until in the arrival of the alien Warmonga who was in search of 'The Great Blue'.

After finding the Silver Cutlass, Drakken became possessed by the spirit of Black-Eye Brown, a pirate. The ghost utilized Drakken's body to seek revenge and continue his rampage of destruction. During a battle, both the cutlass and Brown's treasure were lost, effectively exorcising the ghost from Drakken. Drakken was saved from drowning by Kim and then escaped with Shego aboard his hovercraft.[7]

Shortly before Kim and Ron's graduation, Drakken attempted a plot to take over the world with mutant flowers. The plot failed, leaving Drakken with a constantly regrowing ring of sentient flower petals that he couldn't get rid of. Shortly thereafter, Drakken was abducted by a vengeful Warmonga and her battlemate Warhok who intended to take over the world.[8] After Kim was captured, she and Drakken were imprisoned together. The two put aside their differences to escape with Drakken utilizing his flower abilities to break them out. Drakken and Kim were then rescued by their sidekicks Ron and Shego who had similarly put aside their differences to work together.

The four managed to shut down the Lorwardian ship while Drakken, riding on Ron's back flying through the ship, came up with his greatest plan yet, but this time to save the world instead of take it over. Departing the crashing ship, Drakken and Shego separated from Ron and Kim to retrieve Drakken's mutant plant pollen. Returning in his hovercraft and using his mutant flowers, Drakken destroyed the Lorwardian war machines and saved the world. Drakken departed before the final confrontation in which Ron killed Warhok and Warmonga using his Mystical Monkey Power when even Shego and Kim couldn't win against the two. Returning, Drakken was confused by the aftermath leading Shego to tell him that Ron had stepped up "Monkey Style." When Drakken asked what she meant, Shego simply responded that he had to have been there.

Apparently giving up a life of crime, Drakken and Shego were awarded medals by the UN for their heroic actions. Professor Dementor later teased Drakken about how the one time his plan worked, it was while Drakken was saving the world, much to Drakken's annoyance. At Dementor's request, Drakken began explaining how he turned blue.[1]


Drakken is a brilliant, yet often bumbling scientist, capable of creating marvelous devices and inventions. However, those which Team Possible did not destroy had a tendency to fail on their own, or be otherwise obliterated by a glitch in one of his faulty and less than fully thought out plans. Drakken repeatedly proved to be especially bad at programming artificial intelligences, which almost always resulted in his robots either turning on him or misbehaving.[5][9] However, it should be noted that this seemed to be the only area of robotics where he had obvious difficulty.

Despite his ability to innovate all on his own, Drakken had no qualms about stealing other people's scientific discoveries to use for evil[10], referring to it as "outsourcing"[11]. He was also talented at incorporating stolen technology into his own creations, even when the technology in question was far beyond his own ability to create.[12][13]

Drakken is a decent planner and on a few occasions he came close to accomplishing his goal of world conquest. It was only interference from Team Possible and one or two minor mistakes he made which foiled his plans.

Earlier in his career, Drakken demonstrated a surprising lack at piloting his own hovercraft, being incapable of properly operating it even when faced with threat of his own exploding nano-tick.[10] Later in his career, Drakken became far better at this, using the hovercraft independent of Shego to fly to the battle with Lorwardians by himself.[1] He has been seen SCUBA diving and able to hack computer locks.[14]

Just prior to the Lorwardian attack[8], Drakken accidentally mutated himself, causing yellow daffodil-like petals to grow around his neck as well as a prehensile and semi-autonomous vine. This plant vine is extremely strong, as it was able to destroy Warhok's laser cannon at Drakken's command. Drakken is also able to control other plants created by his plant potion, which helped to defeat the alien war machines, thus saving the world.

Inventions and Equipment


  • Drakken's Caribbean Lair [10]
  • Drakken's Time Share Lair; shared with at least Professor Dementor[15]
  • International Continental University[16]
  • Invisible stealth-shielded ocean lair[17]
  • Antarctic lair[18]
  • Underwater lair in or near Port Mystic Cove Haven[19]
  • Underwater lair, location undisclosed[20]
  • Florida Swamp lair[21].
  • Residential-Area lair[22]
  • Desert Lair[23]
  • Alaskan mountain lair[24]
  • Former automobile factory lair[9]
  • Industrial lair[12]
  • Peru waterfall lair[4].
  • Grand canyon lair[15]
  • Castle lair[25]


  • Nano-Explosive used in the nano tick bomb[10]
  • Gravatomic ray[10]
  • Bebe robots[5]
  • Brain switch machine[15]
  • Robot drone[26]
  • Bonnie Rockwaller and Team Possible clones[26]
  • Destructobot manufacturing facility "twisted" from station wagon manufacturing facility[9]
  • Brain Sifter[9]
  • Mind Drill[9]
  • Cranial Drain[9]
  • Juvenator[27]
  • Silly hats[28]
  • The Doomvee in collaboration with Motor Ed and Ms. Renton[12]
  • Hypertronic Devastator Drone[17]
  • Dr. D's Brainwashing Shampoo and Cranium Rinse[17]
  • Brain-tap machine[24]
  • Syntho-drones[24]
  • Annihilation Ray[24]
  • The Intercontinental Electromagneticizer[16]
  • Super high pollinator
  • Truth ray[18]




Shego, typically referred to as Drakken's evil sidekick, was the main reason he was ever even partially successful at his evil plots. She filled various roles while in his employ, serving as his bodyguard, field commander, driver/pilot, or even offering a second, valid, but generally unwanted opinion on his plans. Though he was aggravated by her, Drakken depended heavily on Shego, as she was one of the few people that could consistently either stall or outright defeat Kim Possible with little or no help. As a result, whenever Shego was not available, Drakken rarely put plans into motion, because they were usually doomed without her contributions, and she was extremely difficult to replace. Furthermore, Shego's contract with Drakken included a "no cloning" clause, so he was not allowed to clone her no matter how much he clearly wanted to.


He employed a staff of henchmen as general-purpose minions and lackeys. Initially competent and well-toned, over time as a whole they became more and more inept and bumbling, especially when compared to Professor Dementor's henchmen, who performed with stereotypical Prussian efficiency. Their lack of motivation may have been based on the fact that Drakken's plans consistently failed, and unlike Shego he did not actually pay them, but instead "rewarded" them with group outings such as bowling and karaoke nights. The henchmen did briefly improve their performance when Drakken implemented the suggested business style of Hank Perkins, but then Ron made them all paranoid about their chances of survival, and they immediately retired.[29]


Mrs. Lipsky

Drakken kept his mother, Mrs. Lipsky, in the dark about his true activities, allowing her to believe that he was a radio talk show host. Although he genuinely seemed to adore her, he was an inattentive son at best, generally forgetting about her entirely until she barged her way back into his life and demanded his attention. If nothing else, Drakken cared enough about his mother enough that he did not want her to be disappointed in him, and went to great lengths to keep her happy while she was in his presence.

Motor Ed

Drakken's only other confirmed relative was his cousin Eddie Lipsky, a.k.a. Motor Ed. The two generally treated each other as siblings, and while they did get along fairly well, they also bickered over petty things and generally needed a third party to interrupt them at such times.

Bartholomew Lipksy

There is a possibility Drew's great-great-grandfather may have been a man named Bartholomew Lipsky, who, like Drakken, was a villain. However, as this was primarily in a dream had by Kim and shared with at least Ron, it is unknown whether Bartholomew was a real person or simply a figment of the imagination.[6]


Drakken has also partnered with Duff Killigan and Monkey Fist, the geneticist DNAmy—with whom he was briefly infatuated—his cousin Motor Ed, and the evil temp Hank Perkins.


Team Possible

Kim Possible is Drakken's primary nemesis, routinely putting a stop to his plans and frequently capturing him and sending him to jail.

Drakken is also none too fond of Ron Stoppable, often forgetting his name. Whether this is because he really can not remember it or whether it is simply an act to annoy Ron is debatable, as while he has openly admitted he simply does not care enough to remember Ron's name, he was once forced by Ron to say it aloud and has said his name without being forced.[22][30][24] This could also be retribution, set out to annoy Ron, because within seconds of telling his name of Dr. Drakken to Kim and Ron after meeting them for the very first time[10], they almost immediately forgot what his name was.

James Possible

Once an old college friend of Drakken, Dr. James Possible and his friends caused the beginning of Drakken's fall to darkness when they laughed at him and his Bebe project incessently back in college, eventually causing him to drop out. Drakken's loathing of the man only increased when he discovered that James was the father of his teenage nemesis Kim Possible.[5]

The Possible family

Drakken's enmity with Kim and James eventually expanded to include nearly the entire Possible family, most of whom eventually had a hand in defeating him.[4][21][14][28] Furthermore, even when captured by Drakken, every Possible he meets insists on talking back to him and treating him as if he were a non-threat, which never failed to irritate him.[28][24]


Professor Dementor

Professor Dementor is Drakken's rival as an evil scientist, as he is the more successful one as well as the most infamous, inducing great envy and hatred in Drakken. This causes the two to feud openly.

Frugal Lucre

He was on bad terms with Frugal Lucre for some months. While the two of them were in prison together between the events of So the Drama and "Mad Dogs and Aliens", Lucre's incessant yammering got on Drakken's nerves; if anything, Lucre's hero-worship of Drakken made him even more irritating.


He has a pet poodle named Commodore Puddles, a bad-tempered creature described as "so little… and yet so evil" by one of the henchmen.

Alternate Versions

  • Sitch in Time version of Drakken.


  • "Kim Possible! You think you're all that, but you're not!"
  • "Shego!"
  • "Don't argue, Shego. One wrong move and she'll turn us into… prom dates. (evil laugh)"

From Clean Slate:

  • Drakken: So long, Kim Possible, you used to think you were all that, but you don't remember the all thatness that you used to think that you were... then but not now....
  • Shego: Yeah just stop.



  • Drakken appears in more episodes than any other villain to the point where he is the main antagonist of the whole series, appearing just two more times than Shego, proving that he is Kim's main arch-nemesis.
  • In both chronological and production order, Drakken has the last line in the whole series: "It was a Tuesday."
  • Not counting the initial version of the pilot episode "Crush", Drakken appears in only two episodes without Shego:
    1. "Attack of the Killer Bebes
    2. "Team Impossible"
  • Drakken has two KP episodes with his name in the title, both of which are mostly about him.[17][19]
  • Even though he forgets Ron's name completely, he called him by his last name twice. But the second time was when Ron forced Drakken to say at least one of his two names.
    • But considering the fact that Ron is Kim's sidekick/boyfriend/best friend, Drakken just calls Ron "sidekick".
    • He called Ron "Mr. Stoppable" and he used his first and last name once in only one episode: "Naked Genius".
    • He only called Ron once by his last name without being forced by him in only one episode: "A Very Possible Christmas".
  • Years after they parted company, Drakken and Kim's father have encountered each other four times.
  • Drakken refers to Rufus as a "Pink Weasel Thing" through out the series, until the end credits sequence of "Larry's Birthday" where he finally refers to Rufus as to what he truly is, a "Naked Mole Rat".
  • Shego typically calls him "Dr. D".
  • His mother, Mrs. Lipsky, calls him "Drewbie".
  • Strangely, Drakken had bulky fingers like most of the other males in the series only when he was possesed by a treasure chest in "Cap'n Drakken".
  • Drakken is one of the six male characters of the franchise to have skinny fingers, unlike the rest of the other males, the others are the three main Queer Eye for the Straight Guy alluded characters; the Team Go villain Aviarius; and Drakken's ancestor, Bartholomew Lipsky.
    • Keeping in mind that Bartholomew Lipsky only appeared wholly in a dream and so may not have been "real".
  • Drakken is the first of five villains to come into the Possible House. The five (in order) were Drakken, Killigan, Shego, Eric, and Professor Dementor.
    • Keeping in mind that it was actually just his body and not Drakken himself, due to his brain-switching with Private Dobbs in "Mind Games".
  • Drakken was seen as his original self, Drew Lipsky, in only three episodes:
    1. Attack of the Killer Bebes
    2. Rappin' Drakken
    3. Mad Dogs and Aliens
    • Drakken had normal skin but he still looked like his alias when he became a good person in "Bad Boy".

Behind the Scenes

Voiced By

Drakken is voiced by John DiMaggio who is famous for voicing the robot, Bender, in the animated sci-fi sitcom Futurama and Jake in Adventure Time.

Episode Appearances

Season 1
US Broadcast
101 6 Bueno Nacho
102 4 Tick-Tick-Tick
113 1 Crush
106 8 Mind Games
104 9 Attack of the Killer Bebes
109 16 Kimitation Nation
108 17 The Twin Factor
121 14 October 31st
120 20 Ron the Man
Season 2
US Broadcast
206 22 Naked Genius
213 26 Car Trouble
211 28 Job Unfair
210 29 The Golden Years
217a 33a Rufus vs. Commodore Puddles
218 34 A Sitch in Time: Present
219 35 A Sitch in Time: Past
220 36 A Sitch in Time: Future
215 37 A Very Possible Christmas
221 39 Hidden Talent
214 41 Go Team Go
223 43 Blush
202 44 Partners
231a 46a Sick Day
231b 46b The Truth Hurts
216 47 Mother's Day
228 49 Ron Millionaire
230 51 Rewriting History

Non-Canon Appearances

  • Lilo & Stitch the Series, episode Rufus
  • Six official Games[citation needed]