In many episodes, Dr. Drakken uses this saucer-like jet-propelled flying machines. Probably, some sort of anti-gravitation device, they used to transport Dr. Drakken and Shego in the different place on planet (simple henchmens never transported this method)


The flying car is a saucer-like personal aircraft. Its diameter persumably near 380 cm, heigh - 100 cm. It mass can't be calculated (because its an anti-gravity device)

Flying car had an open cockpit, but (as it is revealed in some episodes) can fly on extreme speed. Probably, some sort of force field protect pilot from the front wind.

Flying car propelled by 2 or 3 jet motors on the rear (in different models, the number of engine is different). The motor group can be turned on 90 degrees from diametral axis when the machine is floating on one place. Visible capacity and arrangement of engines do not allow to assume that the car can fly only with their help. Presumably, it has antigravitational system, and engines ensure only propulsion.

The speed and manoeuvrability of the flying car is not known, but in hands of skilled pilot (such as Shego) it can easy fly in the city structure.


Drakken flying car equipped by many devices. In "Tick-Tick-Tick", it was equipped with a device named the Graviatomic Ray.


Graviatomic Ray

This cannon-like device project a yellow-gloving beam that makes an attraction effect on any solid objects. The capacity of a beam about 20-100 Kilonewtonian on meter (it can easily crash the road covering). All solid objects, hitted by beam, attracted to the flying car, and then vaporized by gravitation beams.