GJ Agent Flynn Cognito a

Global Justice Undercover Agent Flynn Cognito, Master of Disguise, in disguise

Flynn Cognito is a Global Justice agent and master of disguise.

He is known to have worked on at least three cases:

  • Duff Killigan's Monster Hybrid Grass Seed in Scotland.
  • Professor Dementor's Mind Control Pretzel Attack in Germany
  • Senor Senior Junior's Procrastination-Ray Dance Club in Paris, France.

Agent Cognito has been seen in a disguise featuring a grey mustache and monocle, but has also been seen in other disguises as well.

No known official photos of his natural appearance have been released at this time.


  • Flynn is a character developed for the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure attraction at Disney's Epcot Park at the Walt Disney World Resort at Lake Buena Vista, FL.
  • "Flynn Cognito" is an allusion to the word "incognito", which means "unrecognizable or in disguise".
  • Although a non-canon –yet Official– character, Agent Cognito is the second non-scientist GJ Operative ever seen not wearing eiher a blue or grey Global Justice uniform. The first is an agent who bears a remarkable resemblance to actor and director Quentin Tarantino.