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Spelling of Name

There has been some discussion of how Mrs. Possible's first name should be spelled. Is it Ann or Anne?

At this point I am leaning toward Anne. Despite the fact that the only source we have is "a 3rd-hand copy of an online chat" as LR puts it, I haven't even seen that supporting the spelling as Ann.

Thoughts or evidence on this?

As I mentioned, I honestly cannot remember if Loter typed it as "Ann" or "Anne". I don't know who logged the chat, if it was edited to fit a couple people's insistences, who copied *that* to GJA, but I do know what ended up on GJA is highly edited from the chat. GJA's copy is more like a direct Q&A, while the chat itself was like most live chats; responses several lines and chatters after the fact.
LOL, be that as it may, if Mom is indeed spelled with an 'e', then chances are Kim's middle is also. And while it has no relevance *here*…LOL… "Kim Anne Possible" anagrams "Some Pink Lesbian".
And I'm okay with *that*… ;P
--Love Robin (talk) 03:59, October 16, 2013 (UTC)
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