Go City

Go City is perhaps best known for being the home of Team Go, a superhero team that defends the city from major threats.[1]


Go City is located somewhere in the United States Of America. Presumably, it is nowhere near Middleton, as both Team Go and Team Possible were almost entirely unfamiliar with each other's adventures and villains. Also, Kim had to call in a favor in order to get to there for the first time.[1]


Go City has docks for boats, which are heavily for passenger boats.[2] Residents seem to prefer

Points of Interest



  • Despite some fan supposition that Go City is an allusion to Chicago, there is evidence that confirms the two cities are separate locations:
    • Chicago is mentioned as being the previous stop on the Global Wrestling Association's tour, and there is a theft from the University of Chicago.[3]
    • Britina thanked Kim for saving her Chicago concert. This would also indicate that Kim has been to Chicago before.[4]
    • Rufus and Debutante arrive in Go City by cruise[2], which would mean Go City is along the ocean. Chicago is not.
    • However, in the Spanish version, the city is outright called Chicago.
    • It is possible that the city's design was inspired by Chicago and they are sister cities.
    • Go City's vague location may be another example of Steve Loter wanting a location that represents "Anywhere USA", similiar to Middleton.
  • Go City and Team Go are parodies of the superhero genre. In "Stop Team Go" the police are powerless to stop Team Go from commmitting crimes. This a reference to the need for the superhero to stop the crime and the police only make the arrest.


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