Establishing shot of Middleton High School. "Home of Double-Cheese Pizza" is the notice on the Reader Board.


Middleton High's Cafeteria. Students amble about, some with pizza slices in hand.

Kim, Ron, Rufus and Monique are seated together at a table near the door.

Kim and Monique scowl in unison as Ron and Rufus noisily scarf down slices of Double-Cheese pizza.

Ron licks his plate clean. Burps.

RON: Ah, alrighty then!

MONIQUE: Ugh, just lost my appetite.

KIM: Same here... Ron!

Ron glances up at Kim.

KIM: Face-stuffing, why?

RON: Uh, there is no 'why' in double-cheese pizza day.

RUFUS: Cheese!

KIM: But it's cardboard caf' pizza.

RON: Cheese on cardboard is still cheese.

MONIQUE: Got you there.

RON: Ready for thirds?

RUFUS: Me, me! Me, me!

Ron waltzes over to the Cafeteria Lady with his lunch tray.

RON: Uh, could you hold the crusts this time?

She scoops a blob of grey mystery meat onto his plate.

RON: Huh. The dream is over...

Rufus whines.

Ron and the Cafeteria Lady are suddenly started by a glowing, indistinct figure. Floating behind the cafeteria counter.

Ron screams, abandoning his tray of mystery meat.

RON: AH! Polterghost!

He dashes between Kim and Monique for safety.

MONIQUE: Cafeteria lady cut you off again?

RON: Yes, but that's not why I'm wigged!

KIM: Mmm, too much cheese.

Ron pops up.

RON: Woah KP, first there is no such thing as too much cheese. And second--

Screams break out in the cafeteria. Drawing the attention of Kim, Ron and Monique.

Ron ducks between them.

RON: Those aren't the usual mystery meat screams, ladies.

Kim dashes through a crowd of students gathered around the counter. Ron and Monique follow.

The ghostly figure is still floating behind the counter.

Ron hides behind Kim, gesturing to the ghost.

RON: See, see! That's just... that's not right!

Dauntless, Kim walks closer to it.

KIM: Okay, agreed.

She raises a hand to her chin, contemplatively.

KIM: Whatever it is. It's... writing something...

MONIQUE: In mystery meat gravy! Uh!

A ghostly appendage scrawls in grey gravy on the cafeteria wall.

KIM: R... O... N.

Kim glances to Monique.

KIM: Uh-Oh.

Ron approaches, hands covering his eyes.

RON: Please tell me it's writing Ron Reiger. Please tell me it's writing Ron Reiger, you know, that kid whose always cutting gym? This could be about that...


RON: Reiger?

RON REIGER: It's about you.

Ron Reiger points to the wall.

The words RON STOPPABLE are scrawled in dripping gravy.

Ron screams.


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