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Josh Mankey
Full Name: Josh Mankey
Alias(es): No Known Aliases
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Build: Slim
Hair: Brown with frosted tips
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Tanned
Hometown: Middleton
Professional Info
  High School Student
  Middleton High School
  No Known Relatives
  No Known Friends
Love Interest(s):
  Kim (season 1 and 2)
Tara (season 3)
  No Known Pets
  No Known Nemesis
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
Voiced by:
  Breckin Meyer
A.J. Trauth

Josh Mankey was Kim's crush during her late sophomore and early junior years.



Josh is an easy-going and incredibly mellow person. He has only displayed very mild reactions to the assorted weirdness he witnessed when Kim's missions cut into her personal life[1][2].


Josh went to the Spirit Dance with Kim during her sophomore year and they apparently dated for a short time during her junior year, but he never appeared or was mentioned after Kim's junior prom.

Middle Name

Ron tells Kim during a Spirit Week report that Josh's middle name is "Wendel", but the authenticity of this statement is highly questionable since Kim asked Ron if it was true and Ron replied "it could be"[3].


Josh is a talented artist and musician. He showed Kim a mural that he painted when they were on a date[2] and was part of a local band playing at the Halloween party Kim wanted to attend during the Centurion Project incident[1].


Love Interest


During Kim's early sophomore year she would typically turn into a nervous wreck when she was around Josh, but with Ron's help eventually built up the courage to ask Josh to the Spirit Dance[3].

Later, during Kim's early junior year, Josh called Kim and asked her to go on a date with him in, which Kim did despite the fact that Drakken had sprayed her with a formula that made her vanish when she became embarrassed. Thanks to Ron retrieving the Aurora Orchid, Kim was cured and Josh gave Kim a kiss at the end of the date[2].

Despite Kim and Josh going on a date during the Aurora Orchid incident Ron's actions when Monkey Fist turned Kim into a monkey point towards Kim and Josh not being a couple immediately following their date[4].

Although by the Middleton Days of their junior year Kim stated that her and Josh had grown apart, moved on, and split up[5], which implies that they likely became a couple at some point following the full monkey incident.


Josh was seen with Tara during the Middleton Days parade preparations of her junior year, and after Tara dated an unnamed boy at some point before Kim had to deal with the team-up of Drakken and Motor Ed[6], [5]

However, they apparently broke up as Tara later went to the prom with Jason Morgan, the basketball team star forward[7].




  • Despite the spelling, his last name is a derogatory term meaning "1. worthless, rotten, or in bad taste. 2. dirty, filthy , or bad [8].
  • "Mankey" may also be an allusion to monkey, an animal which Ron fears. This is commented on in Blush when Ron says that "Mankey is only one vowel away from monkey." That may have explained why Ron and his pet, Rufus, did not care for him, since they both hate monkeys. There may have also been some hidden jealousy, which Ron himself may not have been aware of at the time.
  • Kim mentions him in the crossover episode with Lilo & Stitch: The Series, thereby placing the crossover in the first season of Kim Possible, and lists "looked at Josh Mankey in the eye" as one of her heroic feats.
  • Since Josh is never seen or mentioned again after Emotion Sickness and So the Drama respectively it is popular fan supposition that he was one grade ahead of Kim and Ron and thus graduated.
  • Josh was the only boy Kim Possible was seen dating before she started dating her best friend, Ron Stoppable.
  • Josh's voice actor has appeared in 53 out of 66, meaning he was absent from 13, episodes of Even Stevens, the show that Kim's voice actress, Christy Carlson Romano, is best known for starring in.
  • In the Hasbro Kim Possible Board Game, his last name is misspelled 'Menke' on his tile in the high school.

Behind the Scenes

Voiced By

Josh was originally voiced by Breckin Meyer in Crush, who was known for playing Jon Arbuckle in the two non-animated Garfield movies, and in all other appearances by A.J. Trauth, who in real life, has also worked together with Kim's voice actress, Christy Carlson Romano, in Disney Channel's Even Stevens.

Episode Appearances

Season 1
US Broadcast
113 1 Crush
121 14 October 31st
Season 2
US Broadcast
224 42 The Full Monkey
223 43 Blush
Season 3
US Broadcast
302 53 Emotion Sickness

Josh is mentioned, but not seen in So the Drama.

Appearances in Other Media

  • Video Games
    • Josh makes a non-speaking appearance in the GBA game "Kim Possible 2: Drakken's Demise" at the end, waiting for Kim as the two had a date set up.