Kim's car
Owner/User(s): Dr. James Possible
Kim Possible
Ron Stoppable
First Appearance: "Car Alarm"

Kim Possible's car was a Roth SL Coupe. It was her father's old car which he gave to her. Jim and Tim first fixed, then heavily modified it for her.[1]



Kim's first car was her father's vintage Roth SL Coupe, also known as a "Sloth". Although he claimed she could drive it for years if she took good care of it, all anyone else seemed to remember about Sloths was that there had been a recall on them, and even Wade commented that he was unsure it was technically a car anymore. Kim preferred not to be seen in it, but more importantly, she could not even get it to stay in one piece, much less start it. Kim's younger brothers Jim and Tim Possible offered to fix and upgrade her car, but only if she agreed to give them rides whenever they wanted. Kim reluctantly agreed, and the boys soon delivered on their promise, but immediately collected on her promise to drive them around.

When the Sloth was unable to keep up with a car that Motor Ed had fashioned from stolen Kepler prototype booster parts, the twins upgraded it yet again as a point of professional pride, and called the result a Roth SL Coupe 2.0. Though the Sloth 2.0 was able to get the job done, it was virtually totaled by the combination of the Kepler's destructive shock wave, and wear and tear from the pursuit. This time however, Jim and Tim decided to fix and upgrade Kim's car free of charge.[1]

At some point in time, the twins gave the car aquatic capabilities.


  • Original Sloth: Restored out of necessity.
  • Modified Sloth: Featured dual quad transverse rotary design with gyro stabilization. Outperformed by Motor Ed.
  • Sloth 2.0: Featured backseat gear shift controls that Jim and Tim could operate, and 2nd gear rockets in trunk. Totaled in pursuit of Motor Ed.
  • Sloth 2.0 Upgraded: Capable of crashing through walls without visible damage. Equipped for short-range flight.



  • Due to a mismatch between production and broadcast ordering of the episodes, it appears in episodes before the story of its creation.

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Season 4
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402 67 Car Alarm
The Big Job
The Cupid Effect
Clothes Minded


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