This article documents Kim Possible's wardrobe.

Original Mission Outfit

Kim's original mission outfit consists of a black three-quarter length crop top, green cargo pants, dark grey gloves, black shoes, and a brown belt. She has worn this mission outfit for almost every episode up until Clothes Minded when her mission outfit gets damaged/torned as well as discontinued.

New Mission Outfit

The new outfit consists of a purple shirt, black pants with a purple stripe, gray shoes (or boots), brown gloves, and a brown belt. It was first seen and created in Clothes Minded by Monique with the help of Rufus, inspired by a design by the Fashionistas.This outfit was made after Kim's original mission outfit was ruined and discontinued.

Due to broadcast order not following production order, several episodes with her old outfit appeared after the change.

Casual Outfits

Standard Casual Outfit

Kim's primary look, consisting of a green tank crop top, blue capris, and white shoes. This look was last seen on Kim in Rewriting History, although it would make a final appearance on Heather (playing Kim) in And the Mole Rat Will Be CGI.

Basic Outfit


White Crop Top with Pink Heart, Pink Pants

First appearing in Naked Genius, this casual outfit consists of a white crop top with a pink heart, a pair of pink jean-style pants, and white shoes. The outfit was last seen in Showdown at the Crooked D.

Season 1

Kim outfits

Outfits worn by Kim Possible in season 1


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Sink or Swim

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Bueno Nacho

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Number One

Royal Pain

Monkey Fist Strikes

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The New Ron

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Mind Games

Attack of the Killer Bebes

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Coach Possible

Pain King vs. Cleopatra

October 31st

The Twin Factor

Animal Attraction

All the News

Kimitation Nation

Monkey Ninjas in Space

Ron the Man

Low Budget

Season 2

Kim outfits2

Outfits shown in season 2

Naked Genius

Grudge Match

Two to Tutor

The Ron Factor

Car Trouble

Rufus in Show

Adventures in Rufus-Sitting

Job Unfair

The Golden Years



The Fearless Ferret

Rufus vs. Commodore Puddles

Day of the Snowmen

A Sitch in Time: Present

A Sitch in Time: Past

A Sitch in Time: Future

A Very Possible Christmas

Queen Bebe

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Hidden Talent

Return to Camp Wannaweep

Go Team Go

The Full Monkey

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Sick Day

The Truth Hurts

Oh Boyz

Mother's Day

Motor Ed

Ron Millionaire

Triple S

Rewriting History

Season 3

Kim outfits3

Clothes shown in season 3

Steal Wheels

Emotion Sickness


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Bad Boy

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Showdown at the Crooked D

Dimension Twist



Rappin' Drakken

Team Impossible

Gorilla Fist

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And the Molerat Will Be CGI

So the Drama

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Season 4


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Car Alarm

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Trading Faces

The Cupid Effect

The Big Job

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Mad Dogs and Aliens

Grande Size Me

Big Bother

Fashion Victim

Clothes Minded

Odds Man In

Stop Team Go

Cap'n Drakken

Mathter and Fervant

The Mentor Of Our Discontent

Oh No! Yono

Homecoming Upset

Chasing Rufus

Nursery Crimes

Clean Slate

Larry's Birthday

Graduation Part 1

Graduation Part 2


Lilo and Stitch: Rufus

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