Kim Hushable is an episodic series of five shorts which serves as a continuation of the live-action movie's continuity.[1]


This five-part series of shorts follow Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, and Athena as they spend their spring break helping out in a library while dealing with a variety of Kim's rogues' gallery and impressing Mr. Dewey.


  • Sadie Stanley as Kim
  • Sean Giambrone as Ron
  • Ciara Riley Wilson as Athena
  • Issac Ryan Brown as Wade
  • Nancy Cartwright as Rufus
  • Reggie De Leon as Mr. Dewey
  • Maxwell Simkins as young pre-teen Dr. Drakken
  • Taylor Ortega as Shego


  1. A Taxing Afternoon: Kim, Ron, and Athena spent their spring break interning at the library while trying to prevent young-Drakken from stealing the world's biggest diamond.
  2. Rare and Well Done: Kim, Ron, and Athena stumble on a mysterious book called "The Book of All-Rare Things" and try to keep it from falling into Drakken and Shego's hands.
  3. Child's Play: Kim, Ron, and Athena try to have a peaceful storytelling time for the children, but must contend with the arrival of Warhok and Warmonga.
  4. Can You Hack It?!: Kim and Athena's plan to have a peaceful day at the library is disrupted when Drakken hacks Athena's programming into fighting Kim. Now it is up to Wade to counter-hack Drakken's programming to restore Athena back to normal.
  5. Find The Mole (Rat): While Athena is busy reformatting her hard drive, Kim and Ron try to keep Rufus from causing trouble at the library when a visitor's Naco is brought to his attention.




  • Despite each short being billed as a "Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM)", this series is uploaded exclusively on YouTube.
  • Issac Ryan Brown is absent on one episode.
  • Sean Giambrone is absent on one episode.
  • Ciara Riley Wilson is absent on one episode.


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