One month detention This page is an official policy on the Kim Possible Wiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow. Except for minor edits, please make use of the forum to propose changes to this policy.

Fan cruft policy

Here on the Kim Possible Wiki, we do not allow fan cruft. "Fan cruft" is anything that is a biased statement believed by the user, a "fan" of something put it. Examples include:

  1. Spamming "This show rocks!!!!" all over a page.
  2. Adding "Kim and Ron love each other with all their hearts" into their respective pages.
  3. Replacing a page's content with "THIS IS THE BEST EPISODE OF THE SHOW!"

Personal opinions like this should not be included on main article pages, such as on an episode or song page. Inclusion on Forum pages or on User talk pages may be acceptable, however.

Fan cruft is considered a minor level fan fiction and sometimes vandalism, and is taken seriously by the wiki's administrators and normal contributors. Continuous usage of fan cruft after previous warnings may result in a block for a period of time, usually small but sometimes longer if the infraction is heavy enough.

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