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The Kim Possible Wiki's referencing policy.

General Policy

When writing an article, you must cite your sources. This involves adding a proper reference tag after the item or section that refers to the reference.


To properly reference an episode add the following code after the item or section being referred:


Episode Reference
A Sitch in Time
<ref name=ep218-220>[[A Sitch in Time]]</ref>
A Very Possible Christmas
<ref name=ep215>[[A Very Possible Christmas]]</ref>
Adventures in Rufus-Sitting
<ref name=ep207b>[[Adventures in Rufus-Sitting]]</ref>
All the News
<ref name=ep110>[[All the News]]</ref>
And the Mole Rat Will Be CGI
<ref name=ep310>[[And the Mole Rat Will Be CGI]]</ref>
Animal Attraction
<ref name=ep109>[[Animal Attraction]]</ref>
Attack of the Killer Bebes
<ref name=ep104>[[Attack of the Killer Bebes]]</ref>
Bad Boy
<ref name=ep304>[[Bad Boy]]</ref>
Big Bother
<ref name=ep410>[[Big Bother]]</ref>
<ref name=ep223>[[Blush]]</ref>
<ref name=ep303>[[Bonding]]</ref>
Bueno Nacho
<ref name=ep101>[[Bueno Nacho]]</ref>
Cap'n Drakken
<ref name=ep415>[[Cap'n Drakken]]</ref>
Car Alarm
<ref name=ep402>[[Car Alarm]]</ref>
Car Trouble
<ref name=ep213>[[Car Trouble]]</ref>
Chasing Rufus
<ref name=ep414a>[[Chasing Rufus]]</ref>
Clean Slate
<ref name=ep418>[[Clean Slate]]</ref>
Clothes Minded
<ref name=ep408>[[Clothes Minded]]</ref>
Coach Possible
<ref name=ep117>[[Coach Possible]]</ref>
<ref name=ep113>[[Crush]]</ref>
Day of the Snowmen
<ref name=ep217b>[[Day of the Snowmen]]</ref>
Dimension Twist
<ref name=ep308>[[Dimension Twist]]</ref>
<ref name=ep116>[[Downhill]]</ref>
Emotion Sickness
<ref name=ep302>[[Emotion Sickness]]</ref>
<ref name=ep225>[[Exchange]]</ref>
Fashion Victim
<ref name=ep406>[[Fashion Victim]]</ref>
Go Team Go
<ref name=ep214>[[Go Team Go]]</ref>
Gorilla Fist
<ref name=ep312>[[Gorilla Fist]]</ref>
Graduation, Part 1
<ref name=ep421>[[Graduation, Part 1]]</ref>
Graduation, Part 2
<ref name=ep422>[[Graduation, Part 2]]</ref>
Grande Size Me
<ref name=ep407>[[Grande Size Me]]</ref>
Grudge Match
<ref name=ep203>[[Grudge Match]]</ref>
Hidden Talent
<ref name=ep221>[[Hidden Talent]]</ref>
Homecoming Upset
<ref name=ep419>[[Homecoming Upset]]</ref>
Ill Suited
<ref name=ep401>[[Ill Suited]]</ref>
Job Unfair
<ref name=ep211>[[Job Unfair]]</ref>
Kimitation Nation
<ref name=ep119>[[Kimitation Nation]]</ref>
Larry's Birthday
<ref name=ep420>[[Larry's Birthday]]</ref>
Low Budget
<ref name=ep115>[[Low Budget]]</ref>
Mad Dogs and Aliens
<ref name=ep405>[[Mad Dogs and Aliens]]</ref>
Mathter and Fervent
<ref name=ep412>[[Mathter and Fervent]]</ref>
Mind Games
<ref name=ep106>[[Mind Games]]</ref>
Monkey Fist Strikes
<ref name=ep103>[[Monkey Fist Strikes]]</ref>
Monkey Ninjas in Space
<ref name=ep114>[[Monkey Ninjas in Space]]</ref>
Mother's Day
<ref name=ep216>[[Mother's Day]]</ref>
Motor Ed
<ref name=ep208>[[Motor Ed (episode)|Motor Ed]]</ref>
Naked Genius
<ref name=ep206>[[Naked Genius]]</ref>
Number One
<ref name=ep112>[[Number One]]</ref>
Nursery Crimes
<ref name=ep414b>[[Nursery Crimes]]</ref>
October 31st
<ref name=ep121>[[October 31st]]</ref>
Odds Man In
<ref name=ep411>[[Odds Man In]]</ref>
Oh Boyz
<ref name=ep226>[[Oh Boyz]]</ref>
Oh No! Yono!
<ref name=ep417>[[Oh No! Yono!]]</ref>
<ref name=ep309a>[[Overdue]]</ref>
Pain King vs. Cleopatra
<ref name=ep118>[[Pain King vs. Cleopatra]]</ref>
<ref name=ep202>[[Partners]]</ref>
Queen Bebe
<ref name=ep212>[[Queen Bebe]]</ref>
Rappin' Drakken
<ref name=ep311>[[Rappin' Drakken]]</ref>
Return to Wannaweep
<ref name=ep222>[[Return to Wannaweep]]</ref>
Rewriting History
<ref name=ep230>[[Rewriting History]]</ref>
<ref name=ep309b>[[Roachie (episode)|Roachie]]</ref>
Ron Millionaire
<ref name=ep228>[[Ron Millionaire]]</ref>
Ron the Man
<ref name=ep120>[[Ron the Man]]</ref>
Royal Pain
<ref name=ep107>[[Royal Pain]]</ref>
Rufus in Show
<ref name=ep207a>[[Rufus in Show]]</ref>
Rufus vs. Commodore Puddles
<ref name=ep217a>[[Rufus vs. Commodore Puddles]]</ref>
Showdown at the Crooked D
<ref name=ep229>[[Showdown at the Crooked D]]</ref>
Sick Day
<ref name=ep231a>[[Sick Day]]</ref>
Sink or Swim
<ref name=ep111>[[Sink or Swim]]</ref>
So the Drama
<ref name=ep305-307>[[So the Drama]]</ref>
Steal Wheels
<ref name=ep301>[[Steal Wheels]]</ref>
Stop Team Go
<ref name=ep413>[[Stop Team Go]]</ref>
Team Impossible
<ref name=ep313>[[Team Impossible]]</ref>
The Big Job
<ref name=ep404>[[The Big Job]]</ref>
The Cupid Effect
<ref name=ep409>[[The Cupid Effect]]</ref>
The Fearless Ferret
<ref name=ep209>[[The Fearless Ferret]]</ref>
The Full Monkey
<ref name=ep224>[[The Full Monkey]]</ref>
The Golden Years
<ref name=ep210>[[The Golden Years]]</ref>
The Mentor of Our Discontent
<ref name=ep416>[[The Mentor of Our Discontent]]</ref>
The New Ron
<ref name=ep105>[[The New Ron]]</ref>
The Ron Factor
<ref name=ep201>[[The Ron Factor]]</ref>
The Truth Hurts
<ref name=ep231b>[[The Truth Hurts]]</ref>
The Twin Factor
<ref name=ep108>[[The Twin Factor]]</ref>
<ref name=ep102>[[Tick-Tick-Tick]]</ref>
Trading Faces
<ref name=ep403>[[Trading Faces]]</ref>
Triple S
<ref name=ep227>[[Triple S]]</ref>
Two to Tutor
<ref name=ep205>[[Two to Tutor]]</ref>
<ref name=ep204>[[Virtu-Ron]]</ref>


The following is an example of properly referencing an episode:

Ron used the [[Diablo Sauce]] to fry the circuits of the nano-explosive
threatening to blow up Kim<ref name=ep101>[[Bueno Nacho]]</ref>.

External Sources

The Kim Possible Wiki uses the Columbia Online Style (COS) of citation for external sources such as interviews or creator comments online. The name of the reference is the lead author's last name and the year of publication. If there is more than one reference by the same author in the same year then serialize them as such:

<ref name=Allen2006>...
<ref name=Allen2006#2>...
<ref name=Allen2006#3>...

Columbia Online Style

The Columbia Online Style consist of the following:

  1. Author's Last Name, followed by First Name, followed by a period.
  2. Title of short work in quotation marks, followed by a period.
  3. Title of longer work or website, newspaper, or journal in italics, followed by a period.
  4. Any version or file number, followed by a period.
  5. Date of revision, publication, or site construction, followed by a period.
  6. The URL, giving the site "address."
  7. Date of access, in parentheses, ending with a period.

NOTE: If not all of the information above is available. Simply omit what is not available to you from the citation.


Webpage or article:

<ref name=Allen2006>Allen, Jay. "Kim Possible's creators speak: An
interview with Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley." [i]Parentdish[/i]. 23 Jan
an-interview-with-mark-mccorkle-a/ (16 Jan 2013).</ref>