The following is a list of episodes of the series Kim Possible.

Season 1: 2002-2003

Episode # Episode Title Original airdate Production #
1.1 1 "Tick-Tick-Tick" June 14, 2002 101
Kim has to fit both missions and detention into her life, after Ron inadvertently causes her to fall fowl of substitute teacher Mr. Barkin's "three strikes" tardy policy.

Fourth Episode Aired, First episode in season 1

Slightly different art and voice-work compared to the rest of the series.

First Appearance: Prof. Akari, Tara (Prod).

First mention: Wannaweep and Steeltoe.

1.2 2 "Bueno Nacho" June 28, 2002 102
Kim takes a job at Bueno Nacho to pay for a fashionable jacket, convincing a reluctant Ron to keep her company by applying too. As Ron's career kicks off, making him assistant manager, the evil Dr. Drakken plots to destroy Wisconsin from inside a giant wheel of cheese, capturing Kim in the process. In order to save her, Ron must choose between his career or duty as sidekick.

First Appearance: the Naco, Ned.

Seventh Episode Aired, Second episode in season 1

1.3 3 "Crush" June 7, 2002 113
The first episode aired. Kim has to stop the evil Dr. Drakken from using stolen Japanese game technology to build a giant robot. Fighting the bad guys, however, is nothing compared to asking a crush out to the upcoming dance.

The first episode aired, third episode in series.

First Appearance: Britina, Nakasumi, Miss Kyoko, Tara (Airdate), Josh Mankey; the intermittent love interest.

1.4 4 "Sink or Swim" June 7, 2002 111
On their way to a cheer competition, the Middleton Cheer squad gets stranded at an old camp Ron has a long history with and face Gill, a high-school mutant who is determined to get his revenge on Ron.

Second Episode Aired, fourth episode in season First Appearance: Gill, The first non-flashback appearance of Camp Wannaweep.
First Spoken Lines: Tara.
First Appearance: Officer Hobble (Airdate).
First Appearance: Dr Lurkin.

Ron's place as a mascot is not explained until "Attack of the Killer Bebes".

1.5 5 "The New Ron" June 7, 2002 105
When Ron finds himself gaining attention with a haircut Kim convinced him to get, he attempts to transform his personality as well. When he and Kim go to France to get more Hair-gel, Ron unwittingly inspires a reclusive billionaire to take up a life of crime, and now Kim and the newly changed Ron must save France from a black-out.

Third Episode Aired, fifth episode in season First Appearance: Señor Senior, Senior, Señor Senior, Junior, Amelia (Prod), Francois.

1.6 6 "Downhill" June 21, 2002 116
A school ski trip leads to 'humiliation nation' when Bonnie manages to place Kim's parents as chaperons; Kim and Ron discover that legendary monsters are actually the mutated experiments of a rogue geneticist.

Fifth Episode Aired, Sixth Episode in season 1 First Appearance: DNAmy.
First Mention: 'Nana' Possible.

Introduced Kim's fascination with Cuddle Buddies. Also first time Kim's singing ability is mentioned.

1.7 7 "Number One" July 12, 2002 112
The international crime-fighting organization, Global Justice, pairs Kim with their snobby top agent to hunt down the kidnapper of a prominent scientist. Sensing weakness, Bonnie uses the opportunity to make a ploy for cheer captain.

First Appearance: Duff Killigan, Global Justice.

Kim wears a new cheerleading outfit for the first time, though only for this episode.

1.8 8 "Mind Games" July 19, 2002 106
Drakken's latest scheme accidentally leads to Kim and Ron switching bodies. Kim gets a taste of what its like to be the unpopular outcast while Ron finds out about life with the burden of actual responsibility.

Professor Dementor is mentioned, but does not appear until "Ron the Man"

1.9 9 "Attack of the Killer Bebes" August 2, 2002 104
Robots which are suspiciously similar to ones designed by Drew Lipsky-one of Dr. Possible's old college buddies, kidnap his friends one by one. Meanwhile, Ron joins the cheerleading squad as the mascot, causing Kim's dismay.

First Appearance: The Bebes.

Dr. Drakken appears in this episode without Shego. His real name-Drew Lipsky-is revealed.

1.10 10 "Royal Pain" August 16, 2002 107
To prevent any harm from coming to him, Kim allows the Prince of Rodighan to hide out in Middleton. The snobbish Prince winds up running against her in the school election which is complicated by the arrival of an organization bent on overthrowing the Rodighan monarchy.

First Appearance:Officer Hobble (Prod), Brick Flagg.

1.11 11 "Coach Possible" August 23, 2002 117
After Dr. James Possible breaks his leg, Kim takes over coaching his soccer team, and drives the twins and the other players insane when her ultra-competitiveness pushes everybody to the breaking point. In between practice, she and Ron try to recover state of the art animatronic animals and a neon-style gas from the thieving Seniors, one of which is coming up with his own evil scheme for the very first time.
1.12 12 "Pain King vs. Cleopatra" September 6, 2002 118
Kim and Ron get tickets to the big match between wrestlers Pain King and Steel Toe. Ron, unable to get Kim excited about the event, fears that a new friend has come between them. However, a new challenger plans to crash the match with a magical amulet imbuing him with the powers of Anubis.

First Appearance: Monique, Pain King, Steel Toe (although Steel Toe was mentioned earlier).

1.13 13 "Monkey Fist Strikes" September 13, 2002 103
Kim and Ron help the adventurer Lord Fiske retrieve a monkey statue, ostensibly to give to a museum. Fiske, however, uses it along with the rest of the set to transform into a fearsome kung fu master.

First Appearance: Monkey Fist, and Larry.

The first glimpse of Ron's recurring fear of monkeys.

1.14 14 "October 31st" October 11, 2002 121
While in the process of fighting Drakken, Shego, and Killigan, Kim accidentally has a strange bracelet attached to her wrist. She discovers that the bracelet grows every time she lies, leading to embarrassment when she tries to get out of a series of engagements to attend a party with Josh Mankey.
1.15 15 "All the News" November 1, 2002 110
Ron fudges a quote into a hot scoop, landing Kim into a forced date with the oblivious quarterback and him a sweet spot on the school paper. His journalistic career runs into trouble, however, when he accuses a TV daredevil of faking her stunts.

First and only appearance of Adrena Lynn.

1.16 16 "Kimitation Nation" November 15, 2002 119
A designer copies Kim's mission outfit and turns it into the next fashion trend. While initially hopeful that the sudden popularity of her clothes would allow her to be accepted by seniors, Kim's style is eventually copied by all the girls and even some boys. Drakken, struck by this inspiration, tries to create an army of Kim Possible clones to destroy his foe.
1.17 17 "The Twin Factor" December 27, 2002 108
Drakken steals mind control technology which he intends to replicate to take over the world. When her parents leave on a retreat Kim is forced to take along her twin brothers, who prove helpful in the end.

First Appearance: Cyrus Bortel.

1.18 18 "Animal Attraction" January 10, 2003 109
Kim falls for the latest craze sweeping Middleton High, Animalogy, which purports to predict personality and romantic compatibility. Along the way, she and Ron have to stop Señor Senior Senior's scheme to destroy the Billionaire's Club and deal with Animalogy's prediction that Señor Senior Junior is her soul-mate.

First Appearance: Pop Pop Porter.

1.19 19 "Monkey Ninjas in Space" March 7, 2003 114
Based upon the Monkey Monk's prediction, Monkey Fist kidnaps the world's smartest monkey and uses the Middleton space center to launch himself into space while Kim faces the humiliation of her Dad, and Ron faces his fear of monkeys.

First Appearance: Frederick, the space monkey.

1.20 20 "Ron the Man" April 25, 2003 120
Ron is shocked to discover in front of Mr. Barkin's entire class that his rabbi never signed his bar mitzvah certificate. In order to prove his manhood, he wears a strength enhancing ring. Drakken, in the meantime, uses the other rings to attempt to steal an invention Professor Dementor had gotten to first.

First Appearance: Professor Dementor (who had been mentioned in Mind Games).

1.21 21 "Low Budget" May 16, 2003 115
When a fight with an alligator ruins her stylish jeans, Kim balks at Ron's suggestion to skip her trendy Club Banana designer apparel and buy from discount Smarty Mart, where they discover a Smarty Mart clerk's plot to use the bar-codes of expired products to destroy the Internet.

Aired as the season finale

First appearance: Frugal Lucre.

Season 2: 2003-2004

Episode # Episode Title Original airdate Production #
2.1 22 "Naked Genius" July 18, 2003 206
After a mission to stop Dr. Drakken from using a top secret machine, Ron suddenly begins exhibiting profound intelligence in his writing. When he is kidnapped by Drakken and forced to construct a doomsday device however, Kim and subtly-changed Rufus join together to save him.
2.2 23 "Grudge Match" July 25, 2003 203
Ron goes to ridiculous lengths to grab the attention of a pretty girl at the theater. Meanwhile Kim uncovers a conspiracy at the Space Center involving top secret technology, battle robots, and a disgruntled former employee, and in the process of solving the mystery, she is suspicious of the idea of a seemingly innocent being the culprit respnosible.

First Appearance: Zita

2.3 24 "Two to Tutor" August 1, 2003 205
An absurdly skilled Ron schools a hopelessly clueless Kim in the art of cooking at their new elective class while Shego tutors Senor Senior Junior in the art of villainy. When the duo set out to steal a valuable recipe, Kim has to put the lessons she's learned to the test.

One of the few occasions where Shego is seen working independently. Drakken appears only briefly in this episode.

2.4 25 "The Ron Factor" August 8, 2003 201
Global Justice conducts an intensive study of Ron to determine whether he is the secret to Kim's success. Unfortunately a rival organization has plans of their own.
2.5 26 "Car Trouble" August 15, 2003 213
After flunking driver's ed Kim is visited by an automated car whose owner has been kidnapped by Drakken. After cheating by the car leads to a stellar pass, she must overcome her guilt to foil Drakken's improved army of Destructo-Bots and rescue Dr. Freeman.
2.6 27a "Rufus in Show" August 22, 2003 207a
Rufus poses as a show dog so that Kim can investigate the mansion of a master jewel thief.

1/2 length episode,

2.6 27b "Adventures in Rufus-Sitting" August 22, 2003 207b
Kim agrees to molerat-sit Rufus while Ron is in France. A series of events lead him to become the target of Shego, Killigan, and Monkey Fist when he swallows the chip they were after.

1/2 length episode.
One of the rare instances Shego is shown working alone.

2.7 28 "Job Unfair" August 29, 2003 211
Kim is hot on the trail of Drakken and Shego after they steal a weather machine in a bizarre plot to attack Canada. At the same time a disastrous job fair leaves her to deal with an obsessive janitor and Ron's mysterious spy master.
2.8 29 "The Golden Years" September 5, 2003 210
Kim tries to skirt the old fashioned over-protectiveness of her grandmother 'Nana' Possible while she unravels Drakken's latest plot during a visit to Florida. She soon learns Drakken's plans to control the minds of teens through mp3 players has snared her grandmother and other senior citizen hearing aids instead and must race to save them.

Guest appearance by Debbie Reynolds
First Appearance: Nana Possible

2.9 30 "Virtu-Ron" September 12, 2003 204
The MMORPG world of Everlot is under the iron grip of a figure known only as the Wraithmaster. To impress Zita, Ron plays and excels with the expert advice of Wade. When he and Zita gets trapped inside the game, however, he crosses paths with the Wraithmaster who just happens to be competing for her affection as well. Ron's only hope is for the return of the enigmatic Tunnel Lord, the only one strong enough to fight the Wraithmaster head on.
2.10 31 "The Fearless Ferret" October 3, 2003 209
On a trip for his hospital volunteer work Ron is roped into the life of an old hermit (voiced by Adam West) and assumes the costume and tools as the next Fearless Ferret crime-fighter. However White Stripe, one of the Fearless Ferret's old enemies wishes to settle his vendetta. Discovering Ron's secret life, Kim finds there is more to his new mentor than meets the eye.

The stolen weather machine reappears in "Day of the Snowmen"

2.11 32 "Exchange" November 7, 2003 225
Middleton High welcomes a mysterious wild-haired stranger while Ron transfers to an equally mysterious secret ninja school in a student exchange. As he makes himself at home, Kim and Monique get into a steadily intensifying competition to impress the exchange student. In Japan, Ron fights off Lord Monkey Fist's attempts to steal the powerful Lotus Blade with help from a traitor.

Ref:103, Introduced Yori and Master Sensei

2.12 33a "Rufus vs. Commodore Puddles" November 14, 2003 217a
Drakken and Shego attempt to breach Area 51 with a gigantic poodle while Ron uses the attack to shoot his monster movie.

Ref: 119, 1/2 length episode,
General Simms is portrayed by R. Lee Ermey

2.12 33b "Day of the Snowmen" November 14, 2003 217b
Toxic Snowmen come to life and attack Middleton after a freak storm.

Ref: 211, 1/2 length episode
The weather machine is the same one used to attack Canada in "Job Unfair".

2.13 34 "A Sitch in Time" (Part One: Present) November 28, 2003 218
Ron is suddenly forced to move away putting the future of the team in question at a very bad time. Meanwhile, Drakken, Shego, Killigan, and Monkey Fist have teamed up to steal the Time Monkey which will give them the power to alter the time-line and remove Kim as a threat permanently.
2.14 35 "A Sitch in Time" (Part Two: Past) November 28, 2003 219
Kim travels back in time to stop the villains from meddling with her past and allowing the Supreme One to gain power. However her enemies are one step ahead and decide to strike in her pre-school years when Kim is most vulnerable, and then again on her first mission.

Ref: 104,105
It is later discovered in Team Impossible that Kim's first mission was supposed to be for Team Impossible .

2.15 36 "A Sitch in Time" (Part Three: Future) November 28, 2003 220
Kim takes the battle to Shego in a dystopian Middleton of the future. As they work with a band of rebels to overthrow the one time sidekick, they must defeat Shego and adult versions of their once young friends..
2.16 37 "A Very Possible Christmas" December 5, 2003 215
Ron is disappointed that his favorite TV Show, Snowman Hank, has been replaced, his soon discovers that Dr. Drakken is a big fan of the same TV show. Meanwhile, as a gift to Kim, Ron decides to foil Drakken's Christmas plot himself so that she can enjoy the time with her family, but when he and Drakken get trapped in the North Pole, Dr. Drakken temporarily learns the true meaning of Christmas.

Guest appearance by Debbie Reynolds Ref:113

2.17 38 "Queen Bebe" December 19, 2003 212
Kim finally gets swamped when nonstop commitments begin interfering with her numerous obligations to all her clubs and school organizations. To make matters worse the Bebes have mysteriously reappeared and have become too quick for any normal human to fight. Kim races to stop the construction of their hive and the appearance of the Bebe Queen and overuses a pair of super-speed shoes that Wade had already warned her not to wear to often.

Guest appearance by Smash Mouth Ref:213,104'.

2.18 39 "Hidden Talent" January 2, 2004 221
Ron signs an unwilling Kim up for the school talent show after Bonnie announces her intent to crush any competition. Her plans to sing are interrupted when Wade begins acting erratically and orders Kim and Ron to recover teleportation technology from Professor Dementor. Technology, she suspects, may have not been stolen after all.
2.19 40 "Return to Wannaweep" January 16, 2004 222
On their way to cheer camp the squad again finds itself at Camp Wannaweep for the Spirit Stick Competition. Kim deals with having an obnoxious Bonnie as her bunk-room partner while Ron can not overcome his suspicions about an apparently reformed Gil.

Ref: 111, 217b, The second non flashback appearance of Wannaweep.

2.20 41 "Go Team Go" January 30, 2004 214
On a trip to bustling Go City, a bird themed villain named Aviarius attacks the Bueno Nacho Ron and Kim are visiting, and Kim inadvertently gains super-strength when she attempts to foil the villain in stealing a mysterious masked hero's powers. The two teens quickly find themselves involved with the retired superhero group, Team Go, who, Kim quickly learns, are Shego's family. But with everyone but Kim powerless against Aviarius and the team's two youngest members captured, they must enlist the help of Shego.

First appearance of Shego's family, first reference to Shego having been a good guy previously. First time reference is made to how Shego and her siblings attained their powers.

2.22 42 "The Full Monkey" February 13, 2004 224
Kim accidentally becomes bonded with the Monkey King amulet and begins transforming into the Monkey King. Ron finding the monkey he believes to be Kim, looks desperately for a way to change her back while avoiding the complications Josh Mankey's attention may provide

One of the episodes in "Monkey Business".

2.23 43 "Blush" February 20, 2004 223
Just in time to complicate her growing crush with Josh Mankey, Drakken sprays Kim with a pollen that will slowly cause her to disappear every time she gets embarrassed. Ron and Wade's attempts to find another dose of pollen are complicated when Kim is asked out on a date by Josh, and now Kim must fight Dr. Drakken and Shego without Josh finding out about them- and Dr. Drakken's "Embarassement Ninjas".

One of the episodes in The Villain Files.

2.24 44 "Partners" March 12, 2004 202
Kim, hoping not to be landed with Ron as her science project partner instead gets a brainiac who won't let her do anything at all. Monique, gets Ron and quickly becomes exasperated by his trademark laziness. Meanwhile Drakken charms DNAMy into creating a vicious komodo dragon.

This episode was released directly to video in The Secret Files in the United States.

2.24 45 "Oh Boyz" April 2, 2004 226

To help his son's ongoing quest to become a pop sensation, Senor Senior Senior kidnaps the Oh Boyz band to blackmail the record company. The plan backfires when Ron winds up captured along with the group. The record executive, finding the Oh Boyz' disappearance to be a profit windfall, is in no hurry to help so Kim must find Ron and the others on her own.

Note: This marks the first appearance of all of Kim's villians in prison and together, as they watch Senior Senior Junior's performance at the end of the episode

2.25 46a "Sick Day" April 23, 2004 231a
Kim, on duty to guard a mysterious machine from Drakken becomes sick and is relegated to bed as others take up her duties.

1/2 length episode.

2.25 46b "The Truth Hurts" April 23, 2004 231b
In a mission to save a prominent scientist Kim and Ron are hit with a mysterious beam. Ron adapts well to his new honesty while Kim has to bite her tongue during a visit from Dr. Possible's bosses.

1/2 length episode,
Unusually, Drakken and Shego are only present very early on and do not appear afterward.

2.26 47 "Mother's Day" May 7, 2004 216
As a part of Mother's Day mother-daughter bonding Kim and her mother Dr. Possible decide to foil Drakken's latest scheme together. Drakken, on his part, is forced to deal with the presence of his mother while he attempts to steal a batch of Syntho-Plasma.

First Appearance: Mother Lipsky.

2.27 48 "Motor Ed" May 21, 2004 208
After a series of high tech robberies, Kim tries to stop the plot of a rogue scientist turned rocking trucker, with a little help from a new friend.

First Appearance: Felix, Motor Ed

2.28 49 "Ron Millionaire" June 4, 2004 228
Naco royalties make Ron a multimillionaire, which he then proceeds to squander on a posse of fake friends and spending binges. Out of greed, Dr. Drakken attempts to steal Ron's wealth to complete his latest doomsday scheme.

Ref: 105.

2.29 50 "Triple S" July 26, 2004 227
After a long list of attempts to turn himself into a jock go sour Ron gets a new chance to compete in the X games when he and Kim are sent to investigate a series of robberies.
2.30 51 "Rewriting History" August 5, 2004 230
Kim discovers a century old scandal involving the theft of a wondrous energy storage device, her ancestor, and amusingly the ancestors of many of her friends and foes including Ron, Drakken, and Wade. Kim works quickly to both clear the name of her ancestor and find the device before Middleton is destroyed in the blast it will create.

Season 3: 2004-2006

Episode # Episode Title Original airdate Production #
3.1 52 "Steal Wheels" September 25, 2004 301
In an attempt to reform Eddie Lipsky, a.k.a. Motor Ed, Drakken's mother places him under Drakken, his cousin's care. Together the two plot to steal the technology powering Felix's chair while he and Ron are at a video game convention. In the meantime Kim is jealous of all the time Ron is spending with Felix so she "TJI's" (tries joining in), even though what they enjoy doing is not her thing.
3.2 53 "Emotion Sickness" October 15, 2004 302
In an attempt to foil yet another scheme of Drakken to steal from Cyrus Bortel, experimental mood altering devices accidentally get attached to Kim and Shego. During the chaos, Ron accidentally picks up the control for the devices instead of the Kimmunicator. As a result confusion for both Ron and Drakken ensues as the former mistakes the device for a video game as it sends the girls hurtling through a range of emotions, including love.

The last appearance of Josh Mankey.

3.3 54 "Bonding" October 22, 2004 303
After an unsuccessful mission to stop Professor Dementor, Kim and Ron are struck with a mysterious adhesive and must learn to live life attached to Bonnie and Barkin respectively and defeat Professor Dementor once more.
3.4 55 "Bad Boy" January 14, 2005 304
Hoping to avoid having to confront his ill behaved cousin at a wedding Ron awkwardly suggests taking Kim along as a friendly date. Drakken meanwhile attempts to use a HenchCo device to make himself even more evil. The plan fails when Kim and Ron break the machine turning Ron into a super villain and Drakken into a good person.
3.5 56 "Showdown at the Crooked D" March 25, 2005 229
When Kim and the family visit her uncle in Montana she finds herself dealing with Joss, her cousin and biggest fan wanting to be just like her. Together the two set off to foil Drakken's latest scheme to put the brightest minds out of commission.
This episode was released directly to video in the United States.

Ref:101, 121, 205, 211
One of the episodes in The Villain Files.

3.6 57 "Dimension Twist" April 1, 2005 308
Drakken's latest stolen invention causes him, Shego, Kim, Ron, and Rufus to be sucked into the world of cable TV.

The Vortex Inducer is the same one which was stolen before in "Ron the Man".

3.7 58a "Overdue" April 15, 2005 309a
Ron races through the lairs of several of Kim's enemies in order to recover an overdue book of hers he lost and she took the blame for.
1/2 length episode.
3.7 58b "Roachie" April 15, 2005 309b
A rogue scientist unleashes an army of giant roaches on Middleton, one with whom Ron unexpectedly bonds.
1/2 length episode.
3.8 59 "Rappin' Drakken" June 25, 2005 311
After the dramatic sinking of his latest plot, Drakken turns to a televised music contest to promote his own line of mind controlling shampoo. To thwart his plans, Kim decides to enter in the show herself.
Features the songs Naked Mole Rap and Rappin' Drakken, Ref:221
3.9 60 "Team Impossible" August 26, 2005 313
Team Impossible, the world's premier action/rescue team confront Kim and demand that she end her world saving career which is cutting into their profit margin. When Kim refuses to do so she suddenly finds that the network of connections which allow her to travel the world is missing.
Ref:219, Drakken appears without Shego

Wade appears in person for the first time (not counting his hologram or his future self)'.

3.10 61 "Gorilla Fist" November 18, 2005 312
Ron is enlisted by, Yori, his lady friend and classmate from the Yamanuchi Ninja School (from Exchange) to help find their missing Sensei, who has supposedly been kidnapped by Monkey Fist. A suspicious, and jealous, Kim pursues them. This episode was released directly to video in the United States.
3.11 62 "And the Mole Rat Will Be CGI" June 10, 2006 310
After capturing the eye of a director, Kim and Ron are followed by two glamorous movie stars, one of them attempting to learn about their lives for an upcoming Kim Possible movie. Kim soon finds herself pushed aside by her star's copycat antics while Ron cannot get his to act at all. The film is put on hold when Senor Senior Junior crashes the set and demands to be cast as the villain.
3.12 63 "So the Drama", Part 1 April 8, 2005 305
On the eve of Kim's Junior Prom, Drakken begins his first truly serious attempt to conquer the world while trying to find Kim's weakness. When a new hottie called Eric comes between Kim and Ron's relationship, they are forced to at long last examine their true feelings for each other and the nature of their relationship.
A Disney Channel Original Movie.

Originally the series finale.
Kim and Ron officially begin dating.

3.13 64 "So the Drama", Part 2 April 8, 2005 306
On the eve of Kim's Junior Prom, Drakken begins his first truly serious attempt to conquer the world while trying to find Kim's weakness. When a new hottie called Eric comes between Kim and Ron's relationship, they are forced to at long last examine their true feelings for each other and the nature of their relationship.
A Disney Channel Original Movie.

Originally the series finale.
Kim and Ron officially begin dating.

3.14 65 "So the Drama", Part 3 April 8, 2005 307
On the eve of Kim's Junior Prom, Drakken begins his first truly serious attempt to conquer the world while trying to find Kim's weakness. When a new hottie called Eric comes between Kim and Ron's relationship, they are forced to at long last examine their true feelings for each other and the nature of their relationship.
A Disney Channel Original Movie.

Originally the series finale.
Kim and Ron officially begin dating.

Season 4: 2007

Episode # Episode Title Original airdate Production #
4.1 66 "Ill Suited" February 10, 2007 401
It's Senior Year and Kim and Ron are officially boyfriend and girlfriend. After Bonnie tells him that cheerleaders always date jocks, Ron starts to believe that Kim will dump him unless he becomes one, and "secretly borrows" her battle suit so that he can be on the football team. Meanwhile, Dementor attempts to take control of the suit so that he can use it to his advantage.
4.2 67 "The Big Job" February 10, 2007 404
After Kim becomes tired of coupon funded dates, she and Ron decide to get jobs. Señor Senior Jr. and Shego go on a series of crimes to honor Señor Senior Sr.'s birthday.
4.3 68 "Trading Faces" February 10, 2007 403
Kim investigates a series of thefts surrounding several famous celebrities, as well as the shady (if somewhat shallow) Camille Leon. As if that wasn't enough, she has to put up with the Tweebs, who have skipped a few grades and are now attending Middleton High School.
4.4 69 "The Cupid Effect" February 10, 2007 409
It's Valentine's Day! Wade's crushing on Monique and invents a Cupid Ray so she'll crush back, Ron takes Kim and Monique to Paris, and the Seniors try to conquer half the world using Wade's new invention.
4.5 70 "Car Alarm" February 17, 2007 402
Kim finally manages to get her own car: a literal fixer-upper that her dad once owned. However, chaos ensues when the Tweebs volunteer to trick it out. Meanwhile, Shego gets out of prison by way of Motor Ed and assists in his latest caper.
4.6 71 "Mad Dogs and Aliens" February 24, 2007 405
Jim and Tim take over Middleton Mad Dog duties at the high school, much to the dislike of Ron. Dr. Drakken is finally broken out of prison by a ten-foot alien woman named Warmonga, who believes him to be The Great Blue.
4.7 72 "Grande Size Me" March 3, 2007 407
In an attempt to prove The Wheel of Good Eating wrong, Ron gains a dangerous amount of weight by eating nothing but food from Bueno Nacho, but soon this rebellious act turns deadly when he falls into a vat of serum during an investigation at HenchCo, and it transforms him into a giant mutant while Kim protects a laser from some of her worst enemies.
4.8 73 "Clothes Minded" March 17, 2007 408
When Kim's usual mission attire is no longer available for purchase at Club Banana, she winds up trying to look for a new one, all while worrying about college admissions and Drakken's latest scheme to reform the continents into a new Pangaea.
4.9 74 "Big Bother" April 7, 2007 410
Ron has his hands full when he has to care for both a sack of flour (as part of a school project) and his new baby sister Hana, not to mention help track down Monkey Fist, who is in search of three stone keys that will lead him to an ultimate weapon, and trying to break the news to his old friend Yori that he and Kim are dating now.
4.10 75 "Fashion Victim" April 14, 2007 406
A trio of fashion-obsessed criminals, the Fashionistas, seek to make off with Club Banana's newest fashion designs. Having allied with them to assist with their plan, Camille Leon also takes the opportunity to get revenge on Kim by framing her for the theft. With Ron currently putting up with Mr. Barkin, who also works at Smarty Mart, her last hope lies in Monique.
4.11 76 "Odds Man In" April 28, 2007 411
Ron decides to make some crime-fighting calculations to see how much of a danger he is to Kim during their missions. Meanwhile, Drakken hires Hank Perkins as a corporate consultant, who helps him begin his latest take-over-the-world scheme to bring forth the next Ice Age, but the team quickly becomes side tracked with their supposed cover job of selling cupcakes.
4.12 77 "Stop Team Go" May 5, 2007 413
When Shego arrives at Middleton High School as a new substitute, Kim's shocked to learn that her old rival is actually acting nice for once. However, it's not a voluntary decision on Shego's part. Rather, she and her brothers, Team Go, have been affected by their old enemy Electronique and her newly-stolen Attitudinator.
4.13 78 "Cap'n Drakken" May 19, 2007 415
Kim and Ron go on a senior-class trip to a historic seaport where Drakken opens a treasure chest and becomes possessed by a pirate's spirit.
4.14 79 "Mathter and Fervent" June 17, 2007 412
A freak altercation with Team Go's number-focused foe, the Mathter, leaves Ron affected by his power. Now, Ron's destroying everything he touches, and Kim and Hego need to do something. Meanwhile, Ron's dad is trying to prove himself to his son that he can be as much a hero to him as Kim.
4.15 80 "The Mentor of Our Discontent" June 23, 2007 416
Martin Smarty gives Ron a new job at Smarty Mart — be a role model for his rebellious son, Artie. Meanwhile, Drakken and Frugal Lucre team up to take over the world by taking control of Smarty Mart's new shelf-stocking robots, and now Ron, Kim, and Artie must stop them from wrecking Smarty-mart.
4.16 81 "Oh No! Yono!" July 1, 2007 417
After discovering Hana walking on the ceiling, Kim and Ron try to get to the bottom of Hana's secrets. Soon, they are called by Master Sensei and Yori, who ask Kim, Ron and Hana to save their community once more. Meanwhile, Monkey Fist finds an ally in Yono the Destroyer as he continues his search for the "secret weapon".
4.17 82 "Clean Slate" July 28, 2007 418
During a fight with Drakken and Shego, Kim gets amnesia and loses all her memories. Ron now takes on the task of getting her back to her usual self. Meanwhile, Drakken comes up with a plan to turn the military into his slaves. It annoys Ron that Kim can remember almost everything except that she and Ron are dating.
4.18 83 "Homecoming Upset" August 11, 2007 419
When the homecoming dance comes to Middleton High, things get personal for Kim when Ron ends up going with Bonnie through a mix up.
4.19 84a "Chasing Rufus" August 12, 2007 414a
After both Ron Stoppable and shallow Camille Léon leave their beloved pets behind during a fight, Rufus and Debutante go on an adventure, playing a little game of cat and mouse, traversing continents, and finding new friends, all to find their respective owners.
4.19 84b "Nursery Crimes" August 12, 2007 414b
When the mysterious and creepy Nanny Nane begins reverting people into super babies and using them in a world-wide robbing spree, Kim must use her natural baby-sitting skills to save the day.
4.20 85 "Larry's Birthday" September 1, 2007 420
Kim's mission: keep Cousin Larry away until his surprise party is ready, as well as keep Professor Dementor from getting his mitts on her super-suit again.
4.21 86 "Graduation", Part 1 September 7, 2007 421
While Ron worries that graduation means the end of his relationship with Kim, Warmonga returns with an equally vengeful friend, the conqueror Warhok. And on Graduation Day, too. Kim's going to have her hands full with this one, especially when she and Drakken get abducted by said invaders.
4.22 87 "Graduation", Part 2 September 7, 2007 422
Aided by Drakken and Shego, Kim and Ron prepare to fight off the Lorwardian assault, leading up to a final showdown with their heartless leader, Warhok.
Series finale.

DVD Releases

1. Kim Possible. The Secret Files. Includes: 1-1 Crush; 1-5 Downhill; 1-9 Attack of the Killer Bebes; and previously unreleased episode 2-22 Partners. 9/2/2003 (DVD Release Date)

2. A Sitch in Time – 3/16/2004 (DVD Release Date)

3. Kim Possible. The Villain Files. Includes 1-7 Number One; 1-18 Animal Attraction; 2-21 Blush; and previously unreleased episode 3-5 Showdown at the Crooked D. 12/7/2004 (DVD Release Date)

4. So the Drama – Extended Edition (Includes bonus previously unreleased episode 3-11 Gorilla Fist) 5/10/2005 (DVD Release Date)

Video Games

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2. Disney's Kim Possible 2 Drakken’s Demise by Disney Interactive 9/22/2004 (Game Boy Advance)

3. Disney's Kim Possible 3 Team Possible by Disney Interactive 7/26/2005 (Game Boy Advance)

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6. Disney's Kim Possible: Global Gemini by Buena Vista Games 2/13/2007 (Nintendo DS)


1. Disney’s Kim Possible (Original Version) 7/22/2003

2. Disney’s Kim Possible (Kim-proved Version) 3/22/2005

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