People who give Kim and Ron rides.

Season 1

Episode Person/Group Type of ride Reason why Kim was owed a ride (if applicable)
Tick-Tick-Tick Gustavo Seaplane to Prof. Acari's lab in South America. Saved his village from the flood.
Ron Stoppable His scooter.
Bueno Nacho Akut Dogsled to the arctic. Saved Akut from an "itty bitty" iceberg.
Mr. Parker Crop duster to the cheese wheel in Wisconsin. Saved his crop-dusting business.
Unnamed person Monorail tour
Monkey Fist Strikes Colonel Plane to Cambodia. Tipped them off about an assault.
Attack of the Killer Bebes Dallas Helicopter to Prof. Ramesh's lab. Helped stop a police chase.
Dr. James Possible His car.
The New Ron Unknown Plane to Francois' shop in Europe. Lit a signal fire to guide the plane in during a snowstorm.
Unknown A French aeronautics firm's Pilot-less drone chopper to the Seniors' island. Favor from Wade, who did some consulting work for them.
Mind Games Baxter Donkeys to Drakken's lair. Helped Buttercup in her "time of need".
Number One Will Du Global Justice hover jet.
Sink or Swim Mr. Barkin School bus to Camp Wannaweep.
Police Police cars back home.
Animal Attraction Pop Pop Porter Sent his mini corn dog blimp. Courtesy transport for agreeing to come investigate the break-in/theft.
Unknown Jet ski to the Billionaires' club.
Royal Pain King Wallace II Sent the royal jet and the royal limo. Courtesy transport.
Coach Possible Mrs. Dr. Possible Car to the pizza parlor.
Mr. Blumberg Hot air balloon to the Seniors' lair. Saved him from a hurricane.
Pain King vs. Cleopatra
Crush Britina Private jet to Tokyo, Japan. Saved her Chicago show.
Heinrich Snowmobile to Drakken's lair. Saved him from an avalanche.
October 31st
Downhill Unknown School bus to Mount Middleton.
Dr. James Possible Jet powered snowboard.
All the News Ron Stoppable His scooter.
Kimitation Nation Ron Stoppable Caught and then carried Kim with his jet pack on.
The Twin Factor Mr. Geminini Plane to Dr. Cyrus Bortel's lab. Courtesy transport for agreeing to come investigate the break-in/theft.
To Peru. The follow up to her investigation at Dr. Bortel's lab.
Monkey Ninjas in Space Mr. Dr. Possible Car to the Space Centre.
Frederick Dr. James Possible's untested spaceship.
Ron the Man Jack Hench Sent his private jet. Courtesy transport for agreeing to come investigate the break-in/theft.
Low Budget Jerry Boat to Florida. Saved the manatees.
Paulie Sidewalk cleaner to Francis Lurman's house in Philadelphia. A campaign for Alternate-side-of-street-parking awareness.

Season 2

Episode Person/Group Type of ride Reason why Kim was owed a ride (if applicable)
Job Unfair Mr. Peevey Hot air balloon to Wakky Wally's. Pulled him out of Sequoia branches.
The Golden Years The Possible Family Car ride to Florida.
Two to Tutor Colonel Dimitri Plane back to school.
A Sitch in Time: Present Unnamed Australian man Desert-colored Hummer in central Australia.
A Sitch in Time: Past Mrs. Mahoney Dark green station wagon near mansion of Mr. Pasely in Upperton. Saved Tabby from a tree.
A Sitch in Time: Future Jim and Tim Kimminator Mark 12 to Upperton.
Naked Genius Bernice Plane ride to Dr. Zeruda's cabin. Saved her artist's colony from a dam break a year earlier.
Grudge Match Cousin Larry Mine cart to the Robot Rumble.
The Ron Factor Gemini Helicopter to kidnap Ron.
Dr. Director GJ hoverjet, jetski(?)
Car Trouble Mr. Barkin His car (Driver's Ed)
Sadie Herself.
Rufus in Show Francois Jet to dog show.
Sam Some type of large motor boat (yacht?) to escape Falsetto Jones' estate
Adventures in Rufus-Sitting Unknown. Unknown to Monkey Fist's lair
Duff Killigan Kim onboard his airship; Kim riding on Duff as the free fall and later parachute.
The Fearless Ferret Timothy North
Exchange Ferret plane, Ferret car
Rufus vs. Commodore Puddles Agent Smith and Agent Smith Black government sedan to Mojave Desert near Area 51. Helped with a security breach.
Unknown Motor skateboard.
Day of the Snowmen Ron Stoppable Sled.
Unknown. Snow truck.
A Very Possible Christmas Captain Lewis Boat to Drakken's lair. Saved his boat from sinking.
Nakisumi-san and Yoshiko Nakisumi-san's private jet to London. Saved his video game factory.
Unknown Boat.
The Possible family Untested hypersonic aircraft.
Queen Bebe Joe Helicopter to the Bebe hive.
Hidden Talent M.C. Honey Boat to Prof. Dememtor's lair. Retrieved her demo tape.
Return to Wannaweep Mr. Barkin School bus to Camp Wannaweep.
Go Team Go Unknown Unspecified transportation to Go City.
Shego, Hego, Mego Team Go plane.
The Full Monkey Prof. Ackari Jeep? to Forbidden City Museum in China Saved his cyber genetic tick.
Blush Unknown Plane.
Oh Boyz Judd Boat to the Seniors' private island. Saved Judd from a rhino stampede while he was taping a reality show called Teasing Wild Animals. (Judd also taped another reality show called Man Overboard while transporting Kim to the island.)
Unknown Water ski
Sick Day Unknown Unspecified transportation to Drakken's lair
The Truth Hurts Unnamed pilot Plane to Drakken's lair.
Mother's Day Unknown Jeep (?), train.
Ron Millionaire Ron "The Ron" Stoppable Gold plated stretch limo, private jet with KP logo.
Triple S
Rewriting History

Season 3

Episode Person/Group Type of ride Reason why Kim was owed a ride (if applicable)
Showdown at the Crooked D Dr. James Possible Car to Uncle Slim's ranch in Montana.
Slim Possible Robot horses.
Steal Wheels Felix His wheelchair.
Unknown. Motor Ed's motorcycle.
Emotion Sickness
Bonding Mr. Magnifico Circus train to top secret research facility (which Dr. Dementor was targeting). Saved his circus by filling in on the high wire when the female performer twisted her ankle.
Bad Boy
Dimension Twist
Overdue Wade Wadebot 2.0
Rappin' Drakken Global Justice GJ hover jet to Drakken's invisible lair in the Atlantic Ocean.
Team Impossible Bernice Jet. Continuing to help people.
Gorilla Fist Ricardo Plane to South America. Saved his chicken farm from a mud slide.
Ninjas Plane tickets, helicopter.
And the Mole Rat Will Be CGI Mr. Merle 10-wheeled truck, to redeliver the world's largest cement swirly cone. Saved his rig on highway 99.
Mr. Huey White helicopter to The Tower of London movie set. Owes him a favor after Ron tricked him into thinking they would pay him for the ride.
So the Drama Nakisumi-san and Yoshiko Nakisumi-san's private jet back to Middleton. She saved him from being kidnapped by Shego (implied, not specifically stated).
Mr. Bailey (in an Extended scene) Boat to Bermuda Triangle. Saved him from a hurricane.
Ron Stoppable His new scooter.

Season 4

Episode Person/Group Type of ride Reason why Kim was owed a ride (if applicable)
Ill Suited
Car Alarm
Trading Faces
The Cupid Effect
Mad Dogs and Aliens
Fashion Victim
Grande Size Me
Clothes Minded
Odds Man In
Stop Team Go
Cap'n Drakken
Mathter and Fervent
The Mentor of Our Discontent
Oh No! Yono!
Clean Slate
Homecoming Upset
Chasing Rufus
Nursery Crimes
Larry's Birthday