Location: Unknown
First Appearance: "Mad Dogs and Aliens" (mentioned)

Lorwardia is the referenced, yet unseen, homeworld of the aliens Warmonga and Warhok.


Somewhere in outer space.


Warhok-Warmonga Shot

Warhok and Warmonga, a Lorwardian male and female respectively.

Not much is known about Lorwardia or its people. Except that the pair of Lorwardians encountered are war-like and practice at single combat apparently with goals of interplanetary conquest. It is unknown if Lorwardia is the head of a galactic empire of conquered planets, a collective of thuggish "space biker-gangs", or even if the entire planet shares the views of Warmonga and Warhok.

Points of Interest


When Warmonga first arrived at Earth, it was in search of a prophesied individual known as "The Great Blue" who would contact the Lorwardians from "beyond the stars" to lead them to glory for galactic conquest. Having intercepted and backtracked a transmission of Dr. Drakken's Rinse, Lather, Obey … Brainwashing Shampoo and Cranium Rinse television broadcast, she was certain the color of his skin meant the fulfillment of the prophesy.[1]

Her second arrival, with Warhok, was to enact revenge for being tricked after finding out Drakken was a poseur and sent on a wild goose chase after another false "Great Blue", and being defeated by Kim and Shego. The invasion nearly succeeded, but was ultimately foiled by Kim, Shego, Drakken and Ron Stoppable. With the Lorwardians proving to be too powerful for even Kim and Shego combined to defeat, Ron summoned his Mystical Monkey Power, throwing around the aliens with ease before flinging them into their crashing ship, apparently killing Warhok and Warmonga.[2][3]



  • The word "Lor-war-d-ia" is based on a spoonerism of "warlord".
  • The Lorwardians are similar to other war-faring races in science fiction, such as the Klingons, Predators, and Saiyans.
  • In a promotional art for "Graduation" and character sheets, there is a third Lorwardian who hasn't appeared in the finale.
  • "Frackle" is apparently a Lorwardian swear word of uncertain meaning.
  • In "Mad Dogs and Aliens", Warmonga is clearly startled by Kim's use of invisibility, which could imply the Lorwardians are unfamiliar with the technology or perhaps even the idea.
    • Or maybe she was simply surprised when her opponent disappeared in front of her.
  • It has been hypothesized that the Lorwardian Prophecy of "The Great Blue" might actually be referring to Ron Stoppable, only he fights on the side of Earth.
  • Writer Brian Swenlin originally had Warmonga's home planet Lorwardia located " the armpit of the constellation we know as Orion" in his first draft of the script.[4] Though it doesn't state which star Lorwardia orbits.

Behind the Scenes

Episode Appearances

Lorwardia has never been seen, but was referenced in all appearances of Lorwardians, Warmonga and Warhok[1][2][3].


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