Location: Unknown
First Appearance: "Mad Dogs and Aliens" (mentioned)

Lorwardia is the referenced, yet unseen, homeworld of the aliens Warmonga and Warhok.


Somewhere in outer space.


Warhok-Warmonga Shot

Warhok and Warmonga, a Lorwardian male and female respectively.

Not much is known about Lorwardia or its people. Except that the pair of Lorwardians encountered are war-like and practice at single combat apparently with goals of interplanetary conquest. It is unknown if Lorwardia is the head of a galactic empire of conquered planets, a collective of thuggish "space biker-gangs", or even if the entire planet shares the views of Warmonga and Warhok.

Points of Interest


When Warmonga first arrived at Earth, it was in search of a prophesied individual known as "The Great Blue" who would contact the Lorwardians from "beyond the stars" to lead them to glory for galactic conquest. Having intercepted and backtracked a transmission of Dr. Drakken's Rinse, Lather, Obey … Brainwashing Shampoo and Cranium Rinse television broadcast, she was certain the color of his skin meant the fulfillment of the prophesy.[1]

Her second arrival, with Warhok, was to enact revenge for being tricked after finding out Drakken was a poseur and sent on a wild goose chase after another false "Great Blue", and being defeated by Kim and Shego.[2][3]



  • The word "Lor-war-d-ia" is based on a spoonerism of "warlord".
  • The Lorwardians are similar to other war-faring races in science fiction, such as the Klingons, Predators, and Saiyans.
  • In a promotional art for "Graduation" and character sheets, there is a third Lorwardian who hasn't appeared in the finale.
  • "Frackle" is apparently a Lorwardian swear word of uncertain meaning.
  • In "Mad Dogs and Aliens", Warmonga is clearly startled by Kim's use of invisibility, which could imply the Lorwardians are unfamiliar with the technology or perhaps even the idea.
    • Or maybe she was simply surprised when her opponent disappeared in front of her.
  • It has been hypothesized that the Lorwardian Prophecy of "The Great Blue" might actually be referring to Ron Stoppable, only he fights on the side of Earth.
  • Writer Brian Swenlin originally had Warmonga's home planet Lorwardia located " the armpit of the constellation we know as Orion" in his first draft of the script.[4] Though it doesn't state which star Lorwardia orbits.

Behind the Scenes

Episode Appearances

Lorwardia has never been seen, but was referenced in all appearances of Lorwardians, Warmonga and Warhok[1][2][3].


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