NEW additional LAM content

With the release of the Official Live-Action short, Kim Hushable, and rumors of a second LAM, the LAM Continuity is being expanded. For now, the new Category:LAM shorts is to be used ala "Episodes" for short story content. Remember to apply Category:LAM101 to all Official LAM and LAM-inspired content.

NEW LAM-linking template

I've made a template to make creating LAM page links easier.
{{LAMLINK|Page Name}}
Page Name, without link square-brackets (but remember to observe proper PAGENAME cases), will create a link to the proper LAM subpage.

Edit: {{LAMLINK}} is not necessary for links to non-/LAM pages. For example, use the regular linking method to get to Athena.

Notes and Trivia sections

Starting immediately, Kim Possible Wiki will be consolidating and re-focusing content of the sections "Notes" and "Trivia". Currently, pages have either both or one or other. Since an essential part of this wiki's Manual of Style's Policy is to write from an In-Universe Perspective (POV) except pages and areas where meta-information is completely unavoidable, the sections Trivia and Notes are redefined thus:

  • Trivia is for any information which is within POV, Reference policy applies.
  • Notes is for any information, usually meta, which is OUTSIDE POV.

An easy way to remember which is which is that "Notes" begins with "not"—for "not POV".

Yes, older and established pages will have to be changed over to reflect this, which will take time, but NEW information should be placed appropriately. I'll be updating the MoS and related Policies to reflect these changes soon.

LAM Nana

BE AWARE that this "Nana" is a NEW CHARACTER unique to the LAM. Where "Nana" Possible is Kim's paternal grandmother—James' mother—the LAM "Nana" is Kim's maternal grandmother, Ann Possible's mother. Do not confuse them.

Live Action Movie

The "reboot continuity" is now released for Mainspace Articles and Kim Possible Wiki:Kim Possible (live-action film) has been renamed with a temporary redirect in place. I'll be removing that in about a month, so get used to the correct pagename.

Any aspect of the LAM which is already touched on by existing Original Canon Continuity main articles is to be covered with Subpages, which are created by new pages with a page title format of Pagename/Subpagename. LAM image Galleries are another subpage level down as Pagename/Subpagename/Gallery. Remember to use filenames which are descriptive instead of default scrambled alphanumerics. Also, only Screencaps and Official images may be used on mainspace articles.

Remember, FANON has zero place on mainspace pages on the Kim Possible Wiki.

NEW Terms

In expectation of the upcoming Live Action Movie with its own Continuity different and distinct from the franchise already as established, we will be using at least two new terms. First is OCC, or Original Canon Continuity. This is the entirety of canon and official Kim Possible prior to the new live-action movie. OCC is the Default for this wiki. If something is not tagged as from, of, about, or inspired by the New KP Movie, it's "OCC", and can be used interchangeably with Canon.

The second new term is LAM for Live Action Movie. At this time it is unclear if there will be a subtitle, ala "So the Drama", or if any future Live Action productions will be of the same LAM continuity. What we do know is that it spins off an entirely new KP "universe".

While Fanon, of course, has no place here on the Kim Possible Wiki, Art, Games, and other things based on and inspired by the LAM will appear and flourish. As with OCC, only LAM screencaps and official files and images can be used on LAM mainspace articles and pages. Be patient as we all will be feeling our way with the "new reality" of having more than one Official Continuity.

Live Action Movie

Until the Kim Possible live-action movie currently being filmed is released, please restrict news and information about it to Kim Possible Wiki:Kim Possible (live-action film) or personal blogs. Do NOT add any live-action details to the current articles.

ONCE the movie is released, it will be determined how it fits in with this wikia. From advanced tidbits, it may be a separate canon and continuity from the franchise so far.

Thank you.

Reference Lists

New Code has been applied to the wiki to alter how Reference Lists are formatted. Now the list has Left-Justified citations for a nice, clean, and crisp left margin instead of the jaggy edge we used to have when multiple links pointed to the same line-item. I have no idea why this is not the default Wikia-wide.

In addition, for these multi-linked refs in the list, instead of the old super-scripted numericals ( 1.0 1.1 1.2 etc) we now have letters ( a b c d etc).

Thing is, pages must be refreshed by an Edit/Save cycle for the new format to take effect. Currently it can be seen at Dr. Drakken. Also where I first pioneered the format at Rose's page on the American Dragon Wiki.

--Love Robin (talk) 11:56, November 8, 2013 (UTC)

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