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  • Now it was some time since you wrote your blog post, but I read it recently and would just like to say that it was a nice read and things like this can be a big help when trying to get your head around when things have happened in the series since the episodes aren’t that closely connected. In that regard, I just like you found the chronological episode list to be very helpful although I used it for when I rewatched the series a couple of months ago, so that I could view the episodes in chronological order.

    Anyhow one thing I think we will have to accept is that there seems to be some inconsistencies regarding the order of the episodes. One of these inconsistencies would be Clothes Minded, Clean Slate and the Cupid effect. The Cupid Effect obviously takes place in February which would place it after Clean Slate, since Kim gives him the titanium reinforced belt for their “halfiversary”. However the problem is that Kim wears her old mission clothes in the Cupid Effect which were destroyed in Clothes Minded and in this same episode she got her new mission clothes which she wears in Clean Slate. I guess that you could work your way around this if you assume that Kim doesn’t count them as a couple until the start of the senior year, but that might be a far stretch.

    Nevertheless, I find your thought about Kim’s career getting an upgrade at the the start of the new millenium interesting. It kinda works well considering that Ron has prophecies foretelling about him, to have something similar for Kim, like with the rise of the new millennia a new hero shall also rise to save the world. However, I wouldn’t really focus it all on the Crush episode, since you mention that she hasn’t encountered any of her roughes by the time of Crush, but she actually has encountered Monkey fist, Killigan, Senor Senor, Gill and Jackie the Jackal. Drakken has even managed to become her arch enemy by the time of this episode and this makes it strange than that she would receive some of these more mundane missions, but even though she became a superhero I don’t think that she stopped helping the common folks. 

    Furthermore part of the problem is probably that this episode was the pilot and the first one produced and they didn’t want to make it an origin story and instead threw you right into the action, which I think is good because it probably has a better chance of catching the interest of the audience. However, it might also cause some inconsistencies like Kim’s reaction upon seeing Rufus for the first time in the episode.

    So yeah, that was just some of my thoughts on your blog post and as I said in the beginning I think it is a nice idea to do a blog post about this topic, since it can prove very useful for many people and it is also always refreshing to see a new blog post (they doesn’t seem to be that frequent around here).

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  • Not bad. First, since the show started in 2002, that is the more logical year for Kim's first aired mission. Frugal Lucre's expired can can be explained just as easy as either "large box stores like that miss some items" or Frugal had indeed had it in his possession for a couple years. He strikes me as the type to scoop up expiring/expired sales items by the armful for their cheap-to-free (a lot of times expired items are simply thrown out as not worth the expense to ship back, and or donated to local foodbanks.) So his having at least one can still in his possession/pantry 2-3 years later is nothing eye-raising.

    So you may want to bump back some of the years directly attribued to Kim's exploits.

    As for "Mỹ Lai"… listen again to the dialog. First, "Mỹ Lai" is pronounced "me lie" whereas Barking distinctly said "hi lie" or Jai alai. Yes, from the jungle and screeching monkeys it was meant to allude to or imply Vietnam, but again, the pronunciation doesn't fit. In addition, I doubt Disney execs were eager to associate their show with a massacre of innocents performed by US troops.

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    • I'm absolutely certain that he said "My Lai", although pronounced as "My Lie" rather than "Me Lai". I have the episode on my phone and I just rewatched it with my phone speaker pressed to my ear to make sure I heard it correctly. I don't think the intention was necessarily to associate the show to the massacre itself, I just made use of the date to infer the approximate point in time where he served. The war did last from 1955 to 1975, that's a fairly long period of time. But the mention of the location, in my opinion, firmly situates the conflict as being the Vietnam War from a purely academic point of view (putting aside the massacre, which I only intended to use as a point of reference).

      I'm not going to fight this on official matters or touch this matter on Barkin's page. However, the number of "clicks" and the direction from his group's location are still incorrect. It's "thirty clicks southeast". If it's not too much trouble, I'd like to change that back without triggering an edit war. That's one of the last things I'd like to do.

      As for the season dating, I didn't really want to use the airing date since it felt a bit meta to make use of. Tried sticking to as much in-universe-based knowledge as I could. With that being said, 2002-2005 makes as much sense as 2000-2003. Still fits in the "early 21st century" period mentioned by Rufus 3000 in A Sitch in Time, and it's fairly trivial to transfer it over. I'll admit that there was an element of artistic license at work when I picked 2000, since I felt it fitting that the turn of the millennium would see the shift in global heroics and villainy and Team Possible getting a proper Rogues Gallery and slowly leaving mundane oddjobs behind as they saved the world and began to fight a cadre of supervillains that also began to rise with the turn of the millennium. Worked with what I inferred in-universe.

      I still find it weird to keep an expired can for that long, but that just might be me.

      One thing that really exasperated me was "Showdown at the Crooked D". Technically speaking, it's impossible for the episode to have taken place at any chronological point without conflicting with an established in-universe fact. It's firmly established to take place during the summer vacation, but none of them fit. For obvious reasons, it can't take place during Kim and Ron's freshman-to-sophomore summer vacation. It also can't take place during the sophomore-to-junior summer vacation, because Joss makes a reference to "Two to Tutor", which must take place at the beginning of their junior year since they pick their electives and restart classes. However, it also can't take place during their junior-to-senior summer vacation, since Drakken and Shego are in prison and, if I remember correctly were "left to rot" there until their respective breakouts in season 4.

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    • Remember that Disney execs get squirrely over some of the minutest of things. Originally Rewriting History was not meant to be a dream until Execs came down and decreed it had to be so. Personally I think it was to avoid any implication the Kim/Ron relationship was remotely incestuous throughout history with relative archetypes constantly finding each other. Just make it a dream…

      I used to professionally do Close Captioning and my ear is quite sharp. But I also understand since CC is no longer as precise as it used to be. Especially with "good enough" early speech-to-text which drove many of us out of business. I also know quite a few languages, especially how the major Asian flavors (Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, etc) differ from each other (similar to knowing the diff between Spanish and Portuguese), and I definitely hear "Jai Alai". And "thirty klicks" is just typical milspeak. But location pronunciation and possible country aside, the rest of the dialog is canon, so no issues with restoring it.

      While I suppose it's possible for the production team to have made a rookie mistake of "me lie" vs "hi lie", considering the joke-nature of the franchise Jai Alai, and making a sport into a location, fits better. It *also* opens the possibility that Barkin might be a military poser. Either never having actually been in a service, or not even having seen or been to actual Hot Spots and he's spinning/enhancing stories.

      Crooked D is something of a redheaded step child considering it did not originally debut as part of the aired productions. Considering that so many adventure details are unseen and dialog only between episodes, it is just as easy to shoehorn Crooked D between seen episodes, especially if the vacay was cut short by the encounter with Drakken and Shego.

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