Middleton High School
Location: Middleton
First Appearance: Tick-Tick-Tick

Middleton High School is the only known high school in Middleton and is the high school that Kim and Ron attended for the entire series and graduated from in the series finale. It's also part of the Middleton Unified School District.

The school mascot is the Mad Dog, brought to life by Ron during his sophomore and junior years.[1] In his senior year, after Ron makes the football team as the new running back, Kim's younger brothers Jim and Tim take over as new mascots called the Pep Puppies.[2]


Middleton High School is located in Middleton within walking distance of both the Possible house and the Stoppable House, although from the many school buses seen, the school district seems to be extensive.


Middleton High School has stairs as well as ramps and elevators for the handicapped. However, Felix Renton, the only known handicapped student, does not actually require their use because of his cyber-robotic wheelchair, which can fly.[3]

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The Senior Table

  • Out of all the tables in the cafeteria there was one table which is referred to as the Seniors' Table because while all the Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors eat the cafeteria-prepared food, such a mystery meat, the Seniors eat delicious food catered and shipped in daily such as shrimp cocktail, tuna tartare, and rotisserie chicken, Etc.[4]

However, by the time Kim, Ron, and Monique became Seniors[5] and prepared to eat they discover that the table had been discontinued. Mr. Barkin explained that the budget for the Senior Table had been cut to pay for the S.K.I.P. Program,[6] meaning the Seniors have to go back to mystery meat.


It is possible that Middleton High may not have final exams at the end of the semester, because when Bonnie Rockwaller blew off all her classes during her last week of school senior year[7], she missed a pop quiz in Mr. Barkin's class that left her one class credit short of graduating. She then had to go to summer school in order to get her high school diploma. If the school did have final exams at the end of the semester, Bonnie would have had way more than just one class credit to make up.

List of Known Classes


Extracurricular Activities


  • Career Day[23]
  • Mount Middleton Ski Trip[24]
  • Science Fair[19]
  • Tri-City World Expo Centenary Field Trip[25]
  • Senior Class Trip to Port Mystic Cove Haven[26]

List of Known Competitive Teams

List of Known Clubs

  • Drama Club[28]
  • Environmental Action Club[29]
  • Newspaper[30]
  • Philosophy Club[17]


The Middleton High School competitive teams have a rivalry with the Lowerton Lemurs. Competitions between these two schools are always heated.


Only a few teachers are actually seen aside from Steve Barkin. Although several names are mentioned.

List of Known Faculty

  • Steve Barkin, a permanent member of the faculty who often steps in as a substitute teacher who can and does teach virtually every subject.
  • "Cafeteria lady", an elderly cafeteria worker
  • Ms. Carlson[21]
  • Ms. Fitzgerald, a science teacher[19]
  • Miss Go, briefly subs Ms. Carlson's class[21]
  • Miss Hatchet, the school librarian.
  • Ms. Jenkins[31]
  • Ron Stoppable, briefly taught Home Economics and was named head of food services for the entire school for a time[12]
  • Miss Whisp, an algebra teacher[17]
  • Two janitors, not at the same time, both of whom were secret agents from other countries[23]
  • An unnamed female principal[30]
  • An unnamed female math teacher[32] who also taught Kim and Ron's Pre-K class.[16]

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Student Body

It is unknown exactly how big the Middleton High School's student body is.

During the election for class president during Kim and Ron's sophomore year there were exactly 1000 votes cast (998 for Wally and 2 for Kim)[33].

During Kim and Ron's graduation ceremony, there were 250 seats for graduates setup[34].

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  • Middleton High is the only known public high school in the city of Middleton.
  • Steven Barkin is the only teacher seen at the school. He and the Principal are the only 2 school staff mentioned as long-term employees.
  • Teacher turnover, replacement, and or substitution is frequent. Steven Barkin often steps in to teach multiple courses. There are varied stated reasons as to why missing teachers are not present; from cafeteria food poisoning to vacation.

Behind the Scenes

Episode Appearances

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