The Middleton High School cheerleaders comprises one of the most recognizable features of Middleton High School—and by extension, Middleton itself—and made famous by Kim Possible performing some of her exploits in her cheerleader uniform.

For much of Kim's time at Middleton High School, she was usually the captain of each cheerleading squad she participated in. She was the captain of the Junior Varsity Cheerleading Squad in her Sophomore year[1]. Then she was the captain of the Varsity Cheerleading Squad in her Senior year[2]. It was unclear which squad Kim was on her Junior year of high school,[3] as her team always seemed spotlighted at each sporting and cheerleading event.

Bonnie Rockwaller was elected squad captain by popular vote at some point during her and Kim's sophomore year, largely due to extensive efforts on her part to both improve the squad and replace Kim. However, Bonnie presumably returned the title to Kim after a very brief period upon realizing how heavy the workload was, as she was never referred to as captain after that point, and Kim once again assumed a clear leadership role on the squad. Ron predicted Bonnie would only last about a month as the captain, while Kim figured two weeks at the most[4]. It can be noted that Bonnie never again made a point of trying to replace Kim as captain, although she did continue to angle for prominence during routines[5].

Ron Stoppable brought the school mascot, the Middleton Mad Dog, to life for his sophomore and junior years, which was not only well received[6], but gained him some fame among the mascot circles[5]. After joining the football team in his senior year[7], he was forced to retire from his mascot duties. At Bonnie's suggestion, Kim's younger twin brothers, Jim and Tim Possible, became the new mascots, although they called themselves the "Pep Puppies." Ron was initially against Jim and Tim being the co-mascots, but eventually came to accept it, even giving them his banana-flavored whipped cream mouth-foam[8].

The primary, named, cheerleaders on the school's cheerleading squad are:

Additional unnamed cheerleaders on the school's cheerleading squad are:



  • Interestingly, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) uniform regulations basically state that high school cheer squad uniform tops must cover the midriff while arms are at the sides. Thus, it is unlikely that any high school in the US would allow the MH-cheerleading uniforms in any competitions. Therefore, it is likely that the creators based the uniforms off of collegiate or professional cheerleading uniforms rather than any high school's uniform.
    • This Real Life Ruling for High School Cheerleader Outfits did not go into effect until the summer of 2007. Since the show was 2002-2007, the MHS Cheer Squad (and creators) were not bound to such limitations.
  • Careful scrutiny of the show will reveal nearly 40-some cheerleaders, not counting 2 seen on the American Dragon Jake Long Halloween episode.
  • Contrary to the common stereotypes of cheerleaders being mean, rude or snobby, especially in movies and TV-shows, Bonnie was the only true mean-spirited cheerleader on the squad--all the other MHS-cheerleaders, Kim included, were really nice and really only came off as mean/rude/snobby if someone did something to them to make them genuinely mad.


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