Middleton Institute of Science and Technologies
Location: Middleton
First Appearance: Queen Bebe

The Middleton Institute of Science and Technologies, commonly shortened to M.I.S.T. by its students, is an extensive and science-oriented school of higher education. Dr. James Possible attended this school.[1]


The Middleton Institute of Science and Technologies is located somewhere in Middleton.[1]


The Middleton Institute of Science and Technologies consisted of several different buildings for its various areas of study. Earth Sciences alone had at least nine buildings devoted to them.[1]

Points of Interest

  • Some classes offered included Principles of Microdynamic Energies, and Introduction to Computational Methods of Nano Bio-Technologies.[1]
  • While Dr. James Possible attended the school, it housed experimental compound RF-16, designed to absorb energy, multiply it, and then output it, although there was a glitch that caused hives at the time. Since he left the school, the compound apparently went through many revisions and updates. Its latest form, RF-78, appeared perfected: with his fist coated in it, James was able to punch through concrete, and there was no longer a hives glitch.[1]


  • Although the school was not mentioned by name at the time, Wade was doing consulting work on the Valkyrie 1000 running shoes, which were housed and tested on campus. The school's logo also appeared on the shoes.[2]
  • In hopes of getting her to attend, Dr. James Possible gave his daughter Kim a tour of the school. They were interrupted when Dr. Drakken and Shego stole a quantum tectonic microchip from the top secret, high security computer lab 35-T. Kim was unable to stop them, due some troubles with a "mission suit" composed entirely of experimental compound RF-78.[1]



  • The Middleton Institute of Science and Technologies is likely the same school that Dr. James Possible attended with his friends, astronomers Bob Chen and Professor Ramesh, as well as future mad scientist Drew Lipsky.[3]

Behind the Scenes

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Season 4
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408 73 Clothes Minded


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