Middleton Mall
Location: Middleton
First Appearance: The New Ron

Middleton Mall is at least a two-level shopping mall located in Middleton.


One of the many stores inside this mall is Club Banana[1], which is frequented by Kim Possible and Monique where they both work part-time.

There is also a food court which has some fast food restaurants, such as Pickle on a Pike[2], which is one place that very briefly hired Ron before they fired him because of an accident he had while working there.



Occasionally space in the center of the mall is rented out for events, such as when the Global Wrestling Association, or GWA, had promotional appearances of the wrestlers Pain King and Steel Toe along with their manager, Jackie Oakes[1].

This is also the very first place that Kim began to disappear after being sprayed by Dr. Drakken[6]. She tripped and fell down some stairs while trying to impress Josh Mankey, whom she had a crush on at the time.

One of the mall regulations forbids the impersonation of a president, which leads to Wade getting into trouble for dressing up like Abraham Lincoln[4].



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