Middleton Space Center
Location: Middleton
First Appearance: "Monkey Ninjas in Space"

The Middleton Space Center was, not surprisingly, typically the site of rocket launches, as well as the target of hi-tech thefts. It is the workplace of rocket scientist Dr. James Possible, father of Kim Possible, and Jim and Tim Possible.


The Space Center is located somewhere in the city of Middleton.

Points of Interest


  • Dr. James Possible accidentally launched the prototype G-6 rocket a week early by leaning against its control panel during a phone call.[5]
  • Dr. Drakken successfully stole the Hephaestus Project, a $3 billion cybertronics replication investment, by using his brain-tap machine on Dr. James Possible.[6]
  • Monkey Fist and his Monkey Ninjas attempted to kidnap Frederick and steal a rocket. Frederick escaped, but Monkey Fist accidentally kidnapped Ron Stoppable instead and reached the space station. Kim and Frederick managed to save Ron and capture Monkey Fist, though his Monkey Ninjas escaped. Frederick remained at the space station to begin his year-long mission.[3]
  • Kim, Ron, and Felix set a trap for Motor Ed at the Center.
  • Kim, Ron, Dr. Vivian Porter and her creation Oliver had Fen arrested for stealing Porter's artificial intelligence robot.
  • Motor Ed and Shego steal the Kepler I.
  • Dr. James Possible, Ron, and Shego use the Kepler II to rescue Drakken and Kim from the Lowardians.



Behind the Scenes

Episode Appearances


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