Monkey Ninjas
Type: Monkeys
Notable members: Chippy
First Appearance: "Monkey Ninjas in Space"

Monkey Fist is constantly accompanied by his team of monkey ninjas, who he personally trained in the little-known art of Monkey Kung-Fu.


The monkey ninjas served Monkey Fist in a variety of capacities, though were first and foremost his initial wave of attack in combat. This strategy was often set into motion with the battle-cry, "Monkey ninjas attack!", and Monkey Fist would then only enter the fray once they had either proved unsuccessful, or he simply lost his patience. The monkey ninjas were highly effective against the unprepared, as most people reacted to the sight of them with either fear or hesitation.

Outside of combat, the monkey ninjas acted as Monkey Fist's assistants, and he presumably trained them in this as well. Monkey ninjas were seen carrying his luggage, driving his vehicles (unsuccessfully), and threatening people on his behalf.

Base of Operations



After Lord Monty Fiske's transformation into Monkey Fist and his first failed attempt at grasping power, he replaced his former valet Bates with a team of highly trained monkey ninjas.

After hearing that Ron was the Ultimate Monkey Master—as later confirmed by Master Sensei—the Monkey Ninjas abandoned Monkey Fist for Ron, freaking him out. They, or possibly another group of individuals, eventually returned to Monkey Fist for an unknown reason.



Behind the Scenes

Episode Appearances

Season 1
US Broadcast
114 14 Monkey Ninjas in Space
Season 2
US Broadcast
207b 27b Adventures in Rufus-Sitting
218 34 A Sitch in Time: Present
219 35 A Sitch in Time: Past
220 36 A Sitch in Time: Future
224 42 The Full Monkey
225 32 Exchange
Season 3
US Broadcast
309a 58a Overdue


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Except for the episode,"Monkey Fist Strikes ," when Monkey Fist was with his Valet, Bates, he has continually used his Monkey Ninjas to help him to become some kind of Mythical Monkey Man.

Like their master, Monkey Fist, they are aware that Ron Stoppable of Team Possible also has Mystical Monkey Power .

In Monkey Ninjas In Space, they found out that Ron Stoppable is the prophesized Ultimate Monkey Master and their leader. For a short period, they were following him everywhere, but the next time that Monkey Fist was seen, they returned to support Monkey Fist instead. It is unknown if these are the same Monkey Ninja from the previous episode, or if Monkey Fist trained a new troop.

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