A Naco


The first Naco being made

"Taco meets nacho. I call it the 'Naco'!"
"I call it 'gross beyond reason.'"
"Mmm! Naco!"
-Ron, Kim, and RufusBueno Nacho

A Naco is a combination of nachos and a taco served at Bueno Nacho. It is created by taking nacho chips and cheese, mixing them with the fillings of a taco, placing it all in a tortilla, and lifting up the sides to form the bag-like shape. The Naco was invented by Kim's sidekick Ron Stoppable.

In the episode "Ron Millionaire", through the vast popularity of the Naco, Ron received a royalties check for 99 million dollars two years after his invention: "A nickel for every Naco sold". That equates to almost two billion Nacos sold in one year (specifically 1,980,000,000).

In the episode "Go Team Go", it was stated that the new Mucho Grande Bueno Nacho store in Go City does not serve the Naco because "the Naco didn't test well". In real life, many franchises have regional menus catering to the taste of their local market. So while it may not have tested well in the Go City Area, its status at any other specific locations worldwide is unknown.


Team Possible with a platter of 5 Nacos


  • Unlike "nacho" and "taco", the word "naco", once picked up and added to the Bueno Nacho menus, became a Brand Name, and thus should be capitalized at all times.
    • Fan Fic note: The only exception where non-capped would be acceptable is the period between when Ron first said it and it hit the menu.