This is a catalogue of the outfits that Ron Stoppable wears throughout the series.

Mission Outfit

Ron's mission outfit consists of a black shirt, grey cargo pants, dark grey gloves, and black shoes. He has worn this mission outfit for nearly every episode.

Casual Outfits

Standard Casual Outfit

Ron's primary look, consisting of a red jersey layered over a blue shirt, brown pants, and white shoes. This look is seen in nearly every episode of the series.

Blue Button-Up, Brown Pants

First appearing in Job Unfair, this outfit consists of a collared blue button up shirt layered over a white shirt, dark brown pants, and black shoes. Further Appearances:

Green Baseball Shirt, Green Pants

First appearing in Queen Bebe, this outfit consists of a green & white baseball style shirt, green pants,and white shoes. Further Appearances:

Season 1

Bueno Nacho

Main article: Bueno Nacho


Main article: Tick-Tick-Tick

Monkey Fist Strikes

Main article: Monkey Fist Strikes

Attack of the Killer Bebes

Main article: Attack of the Killer Bebes

The New Ron

Mind Games

Pre Mind Swap

Post Mind Swap

  • Kim cheerleading outfit
  • Kim mission clothes
  • Kim's clothes

Royal Pain

The Twin Factor

Animal Attraction

All the News

Sink or Swim

Main article: Sink or Swim

Number One


Main article: Crush

Monkey Ninjas in Space

Low Budget


Coach Possible

Pain King vs. Cleopatra

Kimitation Nation

Ron the Man

October 31st

Season 2

The Ron Factor


Grudge Match


Two to Tutor

Naked Genius

Rufus in Show

  • Mission Clothes
  • Regular Clothes
  • Black tux or Business Suit, which a wealthy person would wear

Adventures in Rufus-Sitting

Motor Ed

The Fearless Ferret

  • Sunshine Spreaders outfit
  • Fearless Ferret costume

The Golden Years

Job Unfair

Queen Bebe

Car Trouble

Go Team Go

A Very Possible Christmas

Mother's Day

Rufus vs. Commodore Puddles

Day of the Snowmen

Sitch In Time: Present

  • Yellow Pants w/ Middleton Sweater, with Mad Dog Mask
  • Regular Clothes
  • Blue Winter Coat w/ Hood over Blue Winter Types Of Pants, w/ Grey Winter Boots, and Red Mittens
  • Blue Pajamas
  • Mission Clothes
  • Blue Winter Hat w/ Tan Winter Coat. Brown Gloves. Green Winter Pants w/ Orange Stripes, complete with Red Boots and Skis.

Sitch In Time: Past

  • ​4 Year Old Ron
    • ​Blue Shorts w/ Lite Blue Stripe at the side. Red Shirt with a Small Bear Design on it. Black Shoes w/ White Shoelaces
  • Teenage Ron
    • ​Regular Clothes
  • ​11 Year Old Ron
    • ​Red Shirt w/ a Dark Red Circle at the Top Left on it. The Red Shirt is over a Dark Blue Shirt. Light Blue Shorts. White Socks, and Grey Shoes w/ Black Splotches on top.
  • ​Teenage Ron
    • Norwegian Folk Dancing costume: Blue Hat​ of some kind, with a Small Gold Design on it, Blue Striped Shirt w/ White Stripes, Dark Blue Shirt over it, connected with a Red Tie, Black Shorts, White Socks, and Black Shoes w/ a Gold Design.

Sitch In Time: Future

  • ​Norwegian Folk Dancing Outfit, complete w/ Hat, until Hat gets destroyed.
  • Shego Type Clothes
  • Mission Clothes w/ some alterations, due to being 20 years in the future, along w/ Black Headband

Hidden Talent

Return to Wannaweep


Main article: Blush

The Full Monkey


Oh Boyz

Triple S

Ron Millionaire

Showdown at the Crooked D

Rewriting History

Sick Day

The Truth Hurts

Season 3

Steal Wheels

Emotion Sickness


Bad Boy

Main article: Bad Boy

Dimension Twist



And the Molerat Will Be CGI

Rappin' Drakken

Gorilla Fist

Main article: Gorilla Fist

Team Impossible

So the Drama

Season 4


Main article: Ill Suited

The Big Job

Main article: The Big Job

Trading Faces

The Cupid Effect

Car Alarm

Main article: Car Alarm

Mad Dogs and Aliens

Grande Size Me

Clothes Minded

Big Bother

Fashion Victim

Odds Man In

  • Drakken goon uniform

Stop Team Go

Cap'n Drakken

Mathter and Fervant

The Mentor Of Our Discontent

Oh No! Yono

Clean Slate

Homecoming Upset

Chasing Rufus

Nursery Crimes

Larry's Birthday

Graduation Part 1

graduation gown

Graduation Part 2

  • Graduation Gown
  • Space Suit

Other Media

Lilo and Stitch: Rufus

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