Ron's scooter
Owner/User(s): Ron Stoppable
First Appearance: "Tick-Tick-Tick"
Ron Stoppable's primary source of transportation around Middleton was his blue scooter. He tended to think of riding it as, "When it's just me and my machine scorching across the blacktop, I kinda lose myself."[1].


Notable Events

When Kim needed to ditch detention when she had Dr. Drakken's robotic tick stuck to her nose, Ron was ready to give her a ride[2].

Later, when it was necessary to race one hundred miles to Drakken's headquarters, the scooter was affixed by James Possible with a set of booster rockets[1].

Finally, Ron and Mr. Dr. Possible used the scooter to get to the Middleton Space Center, both needed to jumped clear, allowing it to crash at speed into an alien walking war machine, which destroyed it[3].



  • Ron's scooter seems to influenced heavily by a typical modern Vespa.
  • When he was in a hurry to get to Kim at the prom, Ron exclaimed in frustration at its slow speed, "This thing is junk! Am I the only one to notice this?"[1]
  • Although Ron had the scooter, for some reason he instead used a regular bicycle to meet up with Kim on a mission at the Middleton Observatory[4]. He arrived late.

Behind the Scenes

Episode Appearances

Season 1
US Broadcast
102 3 Tick-Tick-Tick


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