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So the Drama
Production Number: 305-307
Season: 3
Executive Producer(s): Bob Schooley
Mark McCorkle
Writer(s): Bob Schooley
Mark McCorkle
Art Director(s): Steve Loter
Dialogue Director(s): Lisa Schaffer
Broadcast Information
US Broadcast Number:
Disney Channel US Premiere:
April 8, 2005
Toon Disney Premiere:
April 11, 2005
DVD Releases:
Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama: Top Secret Extended Edition
iTunes Releases:

So the Drama is the second feature-length animated movie of Kim Possible, following A Sitch in Time.

It was intended to be the series finale until the show was renewed for a 22-episode fourth season.



Kim and Ron after saving Nakasumi.

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable have been summoned for a second time to help the toy-manufacturing tycoon Mr. Nakasumi, and foil an attempt by Shego to kidnap Nakasumi for Dr. Drakken. Despite her failure to capture Nakasumi, however, Shego does manage to get his jacket.

Drakken and Shego conversing after the latter defeats the former's Synthodrones.

Despite this initial setback, Drakken finds something in Nakasumi's jacket. An epiphany provides him with high hopes and a plan he won't divulge to Shego. Shego snatches the note Drakken found, but to her its contents are nothing more than a cartoon character. But it is one of the final components of part of Drakken's elaborate master plan to finally "take over the world," and "defeat Kim Possible once and for all". Two other stages in his plan that have already been carried out include the development of "Synthodrones", a more advanced model of the synthetic/artificial people that Drakken had unsuccessfully experimented with some time back, and a bizarre research project investigating the lifestyles of teenage girls.

Kim and Shego battling at the Bermuda Triangle.

For Kim, a teenage girl matter just happens to be a growing concern. The Junior Prom is approaching, and with the usual taunting from rival Bonnie Rockwaller thrown in, Kim is facing the realization that she has never had a steady boyfriend, and that her crime-fighting lifestyle might be a lead contributing factor of this. She is also troubled at the awkward possibility that her best -- but less-than cool and mature -- friend Ron, might end up her only prospect for the prom.

Ron laments over the removal of Naco Night.

Ron is concerned at the moment with other things that matter only to him. Bueno Nacho, the fast-food chain that has been his great joy in life, has come entirely under new ownership, and are implementing numerous small changes that are sapping away Ron's joy little by little.

Eric takes a seat near Kim at lunch.

Kim and Ron's separate feelings of woe end up intersecting. Ron strikes up a friendship with Eric, a boy new to their school. But when Ron introduces Eric to Kim, there is an instant and mutual attraction between them. Immediately, Kim and Eric are dating steadily and Kim is happy, while Ron finds himself increasingly on the sidelines of Kim's life.

To complete the final stage in his master plan, Drakken requires the most advanced "cybertronic technology" in existence. As it happens, Kim's father, Dr. James Possible, is the one scientist who possesses it, leading Drakken to kidnap him to get it. Although Kim and Ron find Drakken's lair and rescue Dr. Possible, Drakken and his organization have escaped to parts unknown, and the heroes are still unable to fathom any of his plans.

Drakken confronts Dr. Possible, his old college colleague.

Shego is also finding herself unable to grasp Drakken's new plan. Drakken is pleased because he knows that if Shego can't figure out his scheme, neither can Kim. Drakken baffles Shego even more when he goes to a board meeting at a company he recently acquired.

Bueno Nacho has introduced their first kiddie meals, which come with a small, toy robot-figure called "Little Diablo". The Little Diablos are a worldwide popular sensation, and children all over the world are grabbing them.

Kim realizes Ron's growing unhappiness and tries to have a heart to heart talk with him, explaining that things are changing and it's time to move on in life.

Eric about to ask Kim to the prom.

Eric has asked Kim to the prom, to her delight. Meanwhile, Ron soon realizes his own feelings for Kim, and at first he decides to tell her, but then reconsiders, valuing her friendship too much to risk losing it.

At the prom, Kim and Eric are the center of attention. Ron decides to go to Bueno Nacho and hang out by himself, trying to deal with losing Kim. Ned tries to tell Ron something bad is happening in the restaurant chain, but all Ron notices is that the bendy straws have been taken away. Ron decides it is time to complain to the new owner of Bueno Nacho. With Wade's assistance, Ron is connected, and finds the person on the other end of the line is none other than Dr. Drakken. One secret revealed, the restaurant's new manager, an agent of Drakken's, unleashes another. Like a miniature army, the tiny Little Diablo toys come to life and go after Ron. Eluding the pursuing Diablos, Ron bursts into the prom and tries to warn Kim and everyone else. He is immediately dismissed as crazy, and even Kim, nearly giving in to peer pressure and Eric's disbelief, almost dismisses Ron's warnings as well. But, remembering that she and Ron have been through too much together for a long time, and that she has experienced plenty of bizarre things in crime-fighting, Kim relents and returns with him to her home to investigate further. Eric seems displeased.

Kim and Ron on the run from the giant Diablo.

At Kim's house, it is revealed that the Diablos are made from the cybertronic technology Drakken stole from Kim's father. Elsewhere, Drakken demands that Shego gives him a status report. While there are enough Diablos around the world to implement the final phase of the plan, Kim is getting wise to them. His plans in danger of being exposed, Drakken unleashes a direct attack on Kim. Tim and Jim's own Little Diablo toys suddenly transform into giant, killer robots, fully armed with weapons. With help from the Possible family, Kim and Ron succeed in defeating the robot attack. Drakken reveals to Kim he has Eric.

Kim dons the super enhanced battle suit for the first time, which further increases her natural abilities to superhuman levels and grants her several new useful gadgets and special abilities.

Angrily, Kim dons a new experimental battle-suit from Wade that has the ability to repair itself and enhance the physical ability of the wearer, and she and Ron head for Drakken's new lair, Bueno Nacho's corporate headquarters. After a furious battle, Kim defeats Shego and finds Eric unharmed. But, Kim then learns that she had been viciously deceived, and that Eric, from the start, is actually one of Drakken's new Synthodrones. Eric (or Synthodrone 901) hits her with a jolt of electricity, knocking her out. Ron attempts a rescue but is knocked out by Shego. Kim and Ron are taken prisoner, and wake tied up in a storage room.

Kim and Shego engaged in a fight.

The entire world is soon under attack from armies of the giant Diablo robots. Kim, deeply humiliated and depressed at how she had been played all along, is close to conceding defeat. Ron gives Kim a pep talk saying that it is not too late to stop Drakken, and that Kim will find the right guy. Kim asks if he really thinks there's a guy for her, and Ron says there might be one who's out there... or in here. Upon hearing these words, Kim begins to realize who the guy of her dreams really is. Rufus then appears and uses Kim's laser lipstick to cut his friends down. The three head off to stop Drakken and his accomplices.

Kim victorious after kicking Shego off the roof.

Believing that he has finally won, Drakken begins to gloat, until Kim comes in and punches him across the room. Kim and Ron head up to the roof to destroy the master signal tower controlling the Diablos, but Shego and Eric get in the way. While Kim is able to hold her own against Shego, Eric proves to be too much for Ron, but makes a mistake by insulting Rufus. Angrily, Rufus bites a hole in Eric's foot, causing his syntho-goo to gush out, killing him. At the same time, the signal tower is destroyed and the Diablos deactivate. Knowing his plan is ruined, Drakken attempts to flee, but Ron cuts him off, saying that he crossed the line when he "ruined" Bueno Nacho. Drakken begs for mercy and Ron forces him to finally say his name.

Kim and Ron finally share their very first romantic kiss at the prom.

Drakken and his goons are taken into custody and the media broadcasts the news of Kim and Ron's victory. Kim shocks everyone when she returns to the prom holding hands with Ron. Bonnie attempts to get everyone to laugh at the new couple, but instead they all cheer. At first Kim and Ron are too embarrassed to move. Rufus gets the ball rolling by pushing his friends together. Kim and Ron take each other's hands and nervously start to slow dance to Christy Carlson Romano's song "Could It Be". As the dance goes on, they become more comfortable and begin to see each other in a new light. Towards the end, they look into each other's eyes, slowly lean in, and finally kiss. Outside, the Middleton High School board reads, "THE END" as the camera pans to the stars[1].


  • Kim's Mission Outfit
  • Kim's Prom Dress (first and last appearance)
  • Battle Suit (first appearance)
  • Ron's Mission Outfit
  • Ron's Prom Tuxedo (first and last appearance)

Gadgets Used

  • Hairdryer Grappling Hooks
  • Rocket skates
  • Blaster Briefs
  • Laser Lipstick
  • Kimmunicator
  • Knockout Gas Lip-Gloss


  • Ron: Sumo ninja?!

  • Shego: "You know, someday, we really need to take that hairdryer from her."

  • Man 1: Nakasumi-san, we are approach Middleton airport.
  • Man 2: The pilot should have landing clearance shortly.
  • Kim: That’s OK, just drop us off here.

(Kim, Ron and Rufus jumped out of the plane)

  • Ron: It’s go time!

(Rufus pulls the cord) (parachute opens)

  • Ron: Argh! My homework!
  • Kim: Serves you right!

  • Kim: This is what happens when a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon reproduce.

  • Ron: Cootie alert!
  • Rufus: (raspberry)

  • Ron: I'm losing everything I cared about!

  • Ron: (looked at the straw) No, it can’t be. Noooooooooooo! This is the last straw!
  • Lars: I beg your pardon?
  • Ron: This is the last straw!
  • Lars: No, we have more in the back.
  • Ron: You took away the bendy straws!

(both Rufus and Ned slap themselves on their foreheads)

  • Lars: You, sir, have lost it.
  • Ron: Just because I care?!
  • Lars: About bendy straws. (laughs)
  • Ron: I’m telling on you!
  • Lars: Telling who?
  • Ron: Your boss.

  • Wade: "Kim, the battle suit is still just experimental."
  • Kim: "It's about to get a road test. How far is Bueno Nacho headquarters?"
  • Wade: "About 300 miles west of here."
  • Ron: "I think I'd feel better about this if I had a super suit, too!! I'm just saying!"

  • Shego: "She's coming."
  • Draken: "Of course she is."

  • Shego: "You know what I really hate?"
  • Kim: "When somebody kidnaps your boyfriend?"
  • Shego: "When somebody doesn't know when to give up!! Oooh. Kimmie got an upgrade."
  • Kim: "No bad, huh?"
  • Shego: "Yeah but still not in my league."
  • Kim: "AH!!"
  • Shego: "Like I said. What?"
  • Kim: "You were saying?"
  • Shego: "Hey, Eric's cute. Once you're out of the picture, maybe I'll date him."

  • Eric: "Wow. Didn't know you cared that much."
  • Kim: "Eric, you're okay!!"
  • Eric: "Kim."
  • Kim: "Eric."
  • Eric: "Actually here, I'm know as Synpho-Drone #901."

  • Kim: "Draken finally won. I should have stuck to babysitting."
  • Ron: "Drakken has not won, he played you! Now it's pay back time. And you know... there are guys out there that are better for you than Eric. Gu-Guys that are real for one thing."
  • Kim: "You really think there's a guy out there for me?"
  • Ron: "Out there… in here."
  • Kim: "Rufus? Rufus!! You can save us!"
  • Rufus: "Uh oh."
  • Kim: My backpack."
  • Ron: "Use the lipstick Rufus."
  • Kim: "The other lipstick. Let's go."

  • Darken: "And dear Daddy Possible's cybertronic breakthrough, and to really stick a pin it: One made synpho hottie."
  • Shego: "So you weren't just making it as you went along?"
  • Draken: "And you questioned my research."
  • Shego: "The slumber parties?"
  • Draken: "But I have discovered Kim Possible's weakness- Boys, boys, boys. 'Who should I go the dance with?' 'Who's the perfect boy?'"
  • Kim: "You're right, Draken. Boys, dating, oh, it's hard. But this is easy."

  • Shego: "You don't know when to quit!!"
  • Kim: "Neither do you."
  • Shego: "Got that right."

  • Ron: "I'm open!! Whoa!!"
  • Eric: "Nice try, Loser. And by the way, a naked mole-rat is not cool. It's gross."
  • Ron: "Don't be dissin' the Rufus."

  • Kim: "Do you know what I really hate?"
  • Shego: "That your date melted?"
  • Kim: "Nah. You."

  • Draken: "This is not over!! Oh, it can't be over!!"
  • Ron: "Deal with it, dude. It's over."
  • Kim: "You know, Ron, we better hurry."
  • Ron: "Hurry where?"
  • Kim: "You'll see."

  • Bonnie: "It finally happened. She's dating that loser. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable are dating!!"








Other Images

Supplementary Information

Middleton High School Reader Board

R U Ready 4 the BIG Dance?
The End

Team Possible's Transportation

  • Mr. Nakasumi's private jet
  • Ron's scooter


The scene of Shego using her jet's claw and going through the parade balloons is similar to a scene in the 1989 Batman film where Batman used the technique to deal with the Joker's poison gas filled parade balloons.


  • It is interesting that Drakken was able to buy Bueno Nacho when there were points earlier in his career where he had some financial difficulties which prevented him from having better equipment and henchmen.
    • Drakken mentioned having acquired it in a hostile takeover, possibly implying that he simply took over the company by force.
  • Critical Reception
    • IMDb scored Kim Possible: So The Drama a 7.3/10. As of November 2017 it is the third highest ranking Disney Channel Original Film out of 89 listed on IMDb[2].
    • Other reviews on the film were generally negative. Ashley Perez, television critic, gave the film two thumbs down, stating that "Kim Possible So the Drama just falls flat and doesn't add anything fresh, making this a disappointment for Kim Possible fans".[citation needed] Surprisingly, the ending to the film and Steve Loter's direction on the film were well received by those who gave the film positive and negative reviews.[citation needed]
  • When the movie was shown on television, some cuts were made for timing purposes:
Scene Original Scene Edit Made
Battle between Shego and Kim at the club The lengthy fight takes over the entire lounge Several scenes, including the chandelier scene and another where Kim throws plates at Shego, are omitted.
Penultimate battle between Kim and Shego

After Shego taunts Kim about moving in on Eric, Kim proceeds to attack her with a flurry of fast punches, which knocks her into a wall

The fast punches are omitted, and Shego is thrown into the wall by an unseen hit
Drakken is mocking Kim's "weakness" - boys.

Drakken: Boys, boys, boys! Who shall I go to the dance with? Who's the perfect boy?

(Kim and Ron enter)

Kim: You're right, Drakken - boys, dating, that's hard. But this ... is easy!

(She punches Drakken, who falls backward).

Drakken's taunt finishes at the word "perfect" and he is then knocked backward by Kim's unseen punch
Climax of final battle, where Kim confronts Shego

Kim: You know what I really hate?

Shego: That your date melted?

Kim: Nah ... you!

(She kicks Shego backward into the tower, which collapses on top of her)

The dialogue is omitted, and Shego is simply knocked back into the tower by Kim's unseen kick.

  • While Ron is getting ready for the prom, there is a sticker on his mirror that says "No to 65". This is a reference to the fact that Kim Possible, excluding So The Drama, reached 65 episodes[citation needed], which Disney referred to as the magic number for a series to have a maximum amount of episodes before the series becomes "stale". After fans demanded the show continue, the series was renewed for a final season, allowing Kim Possible to surpass 65 episodes. (See 65th Episode Rule for more information as to why 65 episodes used to be the cut-off point for a Disney series.)
  • In the Japanese dub for So the Drama, all songs are kept in English aside from Could It Be, which was also sung by Kim's Japanese voice actor, Arisa Ogasawara.
  • There are only two times where blood is shown. First, during the battle with Shego, Kim gets scratched on her upper arm and for a few seconds blood can be seen until the battle suit regenerates. Second, while being arrested Shego's lips are bleeding.
  • It should be noted that when Ron realizes his feelings for Kim he fails to take note of the time Kim romantically pursues him under the control of the Moodulators and during that time the idea of Kim liking him made Ron uncomfortable[3]. Why he never thinks of that time is unknown. But in any case it is ironic as at that time he wanted to break up with Kim out of fear that dating would compromise their friendship when instead it was the fact that Kim was dating someone else that ended up compromising it.


  • In the cafeteria scene, when Kim was with the cafeteria lady, her t-shirt was blue but the next scene it was red.
  • At cheerleading practice all of the girls', except Kim's, belly buttons were not there in some scenes.
  • The French banner for the Little Diablos has "Les Petit Diablos", which should be "Les Petits Diablos".
  • When Kim was fighting the Synthodrones for the first time, a laser burnt a hole in her sleeve, the hole disappears in the next scene.

Behind the Scenes

Cast & Crew

  • Executive Producers
    • Mark McCorkle
    • Bob Schooley
  • Story Editor
    • Mark McCorkle
    • Bob Schooley
  • Producer
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  • Writers
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  • Art Director
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  • Storyboard Supervisor
  • Voice Talent
    • See Character List Above
  • Dialogue Directors
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  • Voice Casting
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  • Score by
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