The Spinning Tops Of Doom are a primary and often mentioned feature of Señor Senior, Senior's revamped security system. The tops and several other items were suggested by Ron Stoppable, who thought Senior's island would make a perfect villainous lair with a few adjustments.[1]


The Spinning Tops of Doom are enormous, black tops. Their size and weight, combined with the high speed at which they spin, results in such a powerful striking force that they can potentially destroy anything in their path.[1]



  • Kim tried to talk the Seniors out of using too much power, as they had caused major blackouts. Ron, however, inadvertently talked them into becoming villains, and one of their added security measures were the Spinning Tops of Doom, which Team Possible ended up having to evade.[1]
  • Junior broke Shego out of prison so she could help him steal a suitable birthday present for his father. When listing things Senior already did have, the Spinning Tops of Doom were mentioned and shown repeatedly. Junior later used them when Team Possible again arrived to stop him.[2]



Behind the Scenes

Episode Appearances

Season 1
US Broadcast
105 5 The New Ron
Season 4
US Broadcast
404 69 The Big Job


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Some of Ron's other suggestions:

  1. grotto with a speedboat for escape purposes.
  2. missiles
  3. motion sensitive lasers
  4. lagoon or moat with piranhas--"To eat the good guys." They did not yet have the piranha, but "the Koi have not been fed for days."
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