Full Name: Unknown
Alias(es): No Known Aliases
Gender: Female
Age: 15 est. (season 1)
18 est. (season 4)
Build: Slender
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Fair
Hometown: Middleton
Professional Info
  High School Student
  Middleton High School
  No Known Relatives
  Kim Possible
Bonnie Rockwaller
Middleton High School Cheer Squad
Love Interest(s):
  Ron Stoppable (season 1 - 2)
Unnamed Boy (season 3)
Josh Mankey (season 3)
Jason Morgan (season 3)
  No Known Pets
  No Known Nemesis
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
Voiced by:
  Tara Strong

Tara is a blonde cheerleader at Middleton High School and a friend of both Kim Possible and Bonnie Rockwaller. Tara is friendly and seems to be one of the favorites among the cheerleaders.


Tara has long wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and is much shorter than Jessica. She also does not have freckles. When she is not wearing her cheer outfit, she wears a green sleeveless shirt, a federal blue skirt, and black high-heel shoes.


Tara is generally easy-going, outgoing, and nice. Apparently, she gets along well with boys and can flirt easily. She gets along well with everyone and is popular in her own way. She usually panics when scared, and is kind of a follower.


As she is on the main cheer squad Tara has to be a very talented cheerleader.




Nobody knows much about Tara's family.


Bonnie Rockwaller and Kim Possible

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Main article: Kim Possible

Tara seemed to be friendly with everyone in general, unless they gave her significant reason to treat them otherwise.[1] Most notably, despite Bonnie's rivalry with Kim, Tara was one of the few friends they had in common, and largely managed to stay on good terms with both girls.[2][3] Bonnie did seem disappointed or annoyed that Tara was attracted to Ron[4], but apparently got over it.


Main article: Hope

Tara was often seen in the company of Hope, both of whom were often at Bonnie's right and left shoulders.

Love Interest

Ron Stoppable

Main article: Ron Stoppable

Tara initially had a crush on Ron Stoppable, which was most obvious to virtually everyone but Ron while the cheer squad was stranded at Camp Wannaweep. Tara appeared very impressed by Ron's surprisingly solid leadership skills. However, Ron's overwhelming paranoia, combined with frequent flashbacks and his extreme determination to survive the experience, kept him from realizing that Tara was interested in him at all, despite the fact that she kissed him on the cheek afterward.[4]

Josh Mankey

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Presumably, because Ron was unaware of Tara's feelings and therefore showed no interest, she moved on. Ron only learned about Tara's former crush on him after she had started dating Josh Mankey, who likewise had grown apart from Kim.[5]

Tara has also been seen dating an unnamed boy[6], and went to prom with Jason Morgan, the Middleton High School basketball team's star forward[7].



  • Two of Tara's love interests have the same initials, "J.M."—Josh Mankey and Jason Morgan.
  • During graduation, Tara sat near or next to Zita Flores.


  • Before the fourth season aired on TV, there were rumors that Tara was going have a bigger role on the show in that season than she did in the first three seasons.
  • Her last name was never revealed on the show, but many fans speculate that King is her last name—an allusion to John Steed's third partner Tara King from the British adventure series The Avengers; not the Marvel Comics superhero group—while others believe that Tara could be named after her voice actress, Tara Strong, since they look alike. There has never been any canon proof to back up any of these theories.

Behind the Scenes

Voiced By

Tara was voiced by Tara Strong in all of her appearances.


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