This article is about Team Possible, the original continuity team. You may be looking for the team's movie continuity counterpart.
Team Possible
Type: Freelance Hero Team
Notable members: Kim Possible
Ron Stoppable
First Appearance: Crush

Team Possible, comprised of Ron, Rufus, and Wade, are the the support team for world-famous and charismatic teen heroine Kim Possible.

The fact that she works with a team is rarely noted and often overlooked entirely. Despite this, each member of Team Possible contributes to Kim's overall success in their own way. While Kim is certainly capable on her own, some missions strongly imply she requires at least one partner in the field to be consistently successful,[1] and that this partner must be Ron Stoppable for optimal results.[2]


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Team Possible's dynamic remains largely unchanged throughout their adventures. As the team name suggests, Kim is the clear field leader and combat expert. Ron provided a wide range of distractions and stall tactics, and on a couple of occasions takes the lead and holds his own in combat with his Monkey Kung-Fu. Rufus contributes the occasional element of unpredictability - showing both technical intelligence and quick thinking and reflexes. Wade serves as the team's communications guru and technology provider, equipping Kim and Ron with Gadgets.

Base of Operations

Team Possible is based in Middleton where all the team members live. Kim and Ron attend school there, and Wade has a business relationship with the Middleton Institute of Science and Technologies.[3]



Regular or Major Enemies

Minor Enemies




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