• I have a user who wouldn't let me share my editing on the Disney wiki pages. His name is Alexander Jarrett, his username Alex2424121. I've made new changes on and and I added new pictures without gibberish name files. I edit them because some pictures of Kim begin to worry me and thinks it's too much for me look at them from each episode. I looked at the dos and don'ts article and I'm fully aware about them. When I've got it done, Alex2424121 got really mad, and he had Disneyfan789 aka Henry Poole and the other administrators block me for doing it. Alex2424121 hated Wiki being used as a gallery site. I've sent pictures of Kim Possible screenshots that are used as comic pages showing her face and feet. Characters are all body parts, they can can be suffice on character gallery. Does this mean he has to deleted all pictures that users and I posted on Wikipedia? Didn't think so. I'm infinitely block again from Disney Wiki. I'm charged for vandalism. But I don't do photo spams, I replace the ones with gibberish filenames. I'm making good choices on FANDOM Wikis. Fixing the edits on Disney Wiki has nothing to with vandalism. That makes me feel sad about it.

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    • Haya. First, this is really not the place for this. I see you're blocked from editing your own message wall on Disney, but the proper place to appeal your block in on the blocking Admin's wall on Community Central, and your blocking Admin is GrayWolf2. Alex2424121 is only a content mod and cannot block.

      You can, however, reach out to Alex on his Central wall and ask him civilly what exactly was wrong with the last set of images you posted. What could you have done to make them usable? I will say that the shots of only parts of their bodies, like feet, comes off more as fetish than any filling any true need for information. For example, IRL police files *rarely* include pictures of feet. It's always head and shoulders (called "busts") at face-on and profiles.

      Disney Wiki has its own set of rules and I've found myself in disagreement (not conflict) with some of their policies and decisions as usually enforeced by Alex. Most recently over how LAM "Nana" and OCC "Nana" are not the same character. They say she is while Kim Possible Wiki knows better… which is one of the reasons I don't edit there all that often anymore.

      I will say that after reading your interaction with Alex that you do not come off in a light which'll do you much good… (BBB has nothing to do with how individual wiki policies are made, much less enforced)

      As a whole, you should also bring this up with the Disney Wiki Manager, TimeShade. Understand that "wiki manager" does not mean he has the authority or role to override the Disney wiki admins and mods, BUT, he is also in a better position to decide if STAFF needs to be alerted and involved.


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    • God bless you, LoveRobin

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