• I would like to ask Alex2424121 civilly what exactly was wrong with the last set of images you posted. But I don't know if I can do it. Let me prove it.

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    • Ahso. "Gallery site" is an angle I'd missed before now. I think I can answer that one.

      Unlike Kim Possible Wiki which only covers Kim Possible, Disney Wiki covers ALL of Disney's franchises, products, and other related elements. That is a HUGE number of properties. Imagine how large the server space for DW would be if ALL of their covered topics were to be loaded with image and video galleries.

      It only makes sense they made the rulings they have.

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    • Some people can share their edits. But accroding to the Disney Wiki's policys from and

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    • What can I say? They set their rules, and as a content mod, Alex is their watchdog.

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    • I know, right? He's hot-tempered and he hated all wiki pages to become a gallery site. 

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    • Well, as I said, if ALL wikis were to become gallery sites, there would not be enough servers to support it.

      Besides. If Disney Wiki were to do that with all it's intellectual properties/shows/franchises, what reason would there be for anyone to visit individual-show wikis, like Kim Possible Wiki?

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    • Or Even Stevens Wiki or Lilo & Stitch Wiki. Alex said if i don't like what they're doing to delete pictures and re-edit back to the old pages, then go back to Kim Possible Wiki. They're turning Disney Wiki into a restricted wikipedia!

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    • They have ALL of Disney productions to cover. We only cover one. Same for a few other of my Disney-related wikis.

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    • You mean one edit per day?

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    • I didn't say anything about edits.

      Think of it this way… if you want food, you go to a supermarket which has massive varieties of food from all over. You want Chinese food, you're best served by an *Asian market* where the focus is only on Chinese and other Asian-world products.

      In this example, Disney Wiki is the "supermarket" and Kim Possible Wiki is the "Asian market".

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    • Oh. Well, I suppose that Mr. Bean, Heroes, James Bond, Batman, Monk and Muppet Wikis are all Asian markets. Except Disney Wiki. I wish I were unblocked from Disney Wiki, so I could try to avoid vandalism.

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    • Disney wiki is by no means short of protectors against vandalism.

      As for getting unblocked there, your best bet is to contribute to other wikis for a while without blocking incidents, and, say, 6 months, you can try again with Alex and point to how other wikis are helping you to learn your lesson(s).

      BTW, if you have any favorite KP fanfics or art you like, the Kim Possible Fanon Wiki needs contributors and solid articles. Contact me there if you have questions or need help there.

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    • Thank you so much for your advice. But, what other wikis?

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    • Mr. Valiant
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    • That is pretty much your choice and what shows you like.

      Other Disney franchises I also admin:

      • American Dragon Lake Long
      • Proud Family
      • That's So Raven (franchise)
      • Fillmore!

      Among others.

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    • Don't forget Even Stevens, Lilo & Stitch, ZOMBIES, K.C. Undercover or Disney Channel. Thanks again and stay safe!

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    • A FANDOM user
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