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  • I live in the West coast of the US
  • My occupation is Technician
  • I am just zis guy, ya know?
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About the bunny

The number in my user name doesn't have anything to do with my age. I have had this user name since high school. If you see me here (on wikis where I am not an admin), it usually means I am cleaning up problems that have occurred on more than one wiki.

Bureaucrat and admin on the following wikis:   Founder of these wikis:

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Items of note:

I don't really remember when I became a fan of Kim Possible. I think it was before Disney Channel aired the "Every Possible Episode" marathon, though. I recorded all of that marathon except for the two movies. Wish I had, though. I didn't realize the DVD releases would be different than how they were broadcast as episodes.

Though I have a lot of other things to work on, this wiki holds a special interest for me. The world of KP is a "closed" system, meaning the show has ended, so there is a fixed amount of information that can be added and very little new information will be discovered. That means there will one day come a point where we can say "this wiki is complete". When we reach that point, I want this wiki to be the reference point for KP info.

Talk page archives

Since Wikia is about to switch user Talk pages over to a feature called the Message Wall that converts them into a blog-style format, I have moved my archives so they can remain accessible:

Talk archives: July-December 2010January-June 2011July-August 2011

Notable files

File:Kimmunicator beep.ogg — Looking for the Kimmunicator beep? here it is.

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