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I love this show! I also read a lot of Kim Possible fanfiction. Many of you guys (who are fanfic writers) have put so much depths and built a larger world for the characters that I wish they've done the same for the actual series (and that includes other similar animated series like Danny Phantom and American Dragon: Jake Long)!

Ever since Kim Possible, I like green-eyed redheads with freckles and pale white skin (much lighter than normal skin tone). Now I notice redheads as hot (and hot-tempered) with hidden sex drives, as portrayed in media.

Favorite couples:

  • Kim and Ron
  • Kim and Josh
  • Ron and Tara
  • Josh and Tara
  • Felix and Monique
  • Bonnie and Brick
  • Warhok and Warmonga
  • Warmonga and Shego (one-sided, dominatrix/slave)
  • Hirotaka and Yori
  • Cousin Larry and Charlotte

When I saw the previews of "Graduation", I was anticipated with excitement. And it was worth it, it was more action packed than any episode of Kim Possible (except maybe "A Sitch in Time" and "So the Drama"). However, as I said above, there was so much more they could have done. If only Disney execs could have gave the creators more time, this could have become a THREE-part episode, or another TV movie, called Kim Possible: The Graduation Invasion. This is what I thought up of:

Part 1 – The first part remains the same, only with a couple of minor differences:

  • Ron was working at Smarty-Mart. While helping out an odd-looking costumer (he has long hair, a goatee, a brown jacket, and a paranoid look in his face like he doesn't want to be there), who has a backpack over his shoulder that appears to be moving, Ron talks about how excited he is about graduation. However, the weird costumer takes the air out of Ron's sails by telling him that high school couples usually drift apart after graduation. Then the guy leaves with an evil smile on his face.
  • Now Ron becomes worried that he may never see Kim again. Through the whole part-one, Kim can tell that Ron is feeling blue about something. Kim makes many attempts to get Ron to talk about it, but Ron won't budge. Soon, graduation day arrives.
  • In the bathroom, Ron has come into contact with a spiritual image of the Mystical Monkey Monk from "Monkey Ninjas in Space" who warns him of a great danger and that his time has come to face his destiny.
  • Just when Kim finally has Ron ready to talk, Felix calls her name out to the stand.
  • Not only does Warmonga bring Warhok with her, but also the entire Grand Lorwardian Army to conquer Earth. Other Lorwardians are seeing walking around and sitting down to check the radars and such.

Part 2 – An extended version of the first half of the actual Part-2 episode.

  • We see the giant robot tripods are not robots, but are piloting by other Lorwardians.
  • Ron, Dr. Mr. Possible and Shego rounded up all of Kim's enemies to join forces to stop the invasion. The villains become a Suicide Squad-type battalion.
  • Drakken's goons join in as well. They like both Drakken and Shego, and would do anything for them. Plus they know there's some chemistry between them.
  • Joss makes a return appearance. She has aged a little, looking almost like Kim, even wearing her Season 4 mission suit. She even wields a Japanese sword, as a mark of her admiration towards Ron.
  • DNAmy gathers her "babies" to be ready for battle. She once again becomes "Gorilla Fist".
  • Roachie and the giant bugs joins them as well.
  • Global Justice fight against the Lorwardians. We see Dr. Director, Will Du, and Team Impossible fighting the Lorwardians.
  • Felix, Monique, Tara, Josh, Brick, and Wade help out. Bonnie was forced into the group. They are all wearing new Team Possible uniforms, built by Wade and specially designed by the Fashionistas.
  • The cheerleaders use their skills to fight the Lorwardians.
  • The Yamanouchi Academy is helping in the battle. Yori, Master Sensei, Hirotaka, and the other students are fighting the tripods in Tokyo.
  • Larry, Ned, Rita, Charlotte, Vivian, Oliver, and the other nerds (from "Grudge Match", "Virtu-Ron", and "Larry's Birthday") wear robot-controlling helmets to use their robots as first-strike sentries.
  • Ron makes a rousing speech that they have all been brought together, to face a common enemy, to save the world, for Kim. Everyone cheered and chanted "For Kim!".
  • General Simms and his military force from "Rufus vs. Commondore Puddles" are fighting the tripods in a city near Area 51. The scientists at Area 51 have vital information that could help in stopping the tripods. While in Area 51, Ron accidentally spilled something. He accidentally cut himself, and a drop of blood fell into the mess. When he (and everyone else) left, the puddle started to grow.
  • Team Go participates (since being superheroes, alien invasion should be common to them) and even joins KP's Rogues Gallery. Aviarius, Electronique and the Matherer join them as well. However, Hego refuses to join since it means fighting alongside other supervillains (including the ones we haven't seen before from "Bad Boy"). Shego was upset and disappointed (though not quite surprised) that he chose his morality over the lives of everyone on Earth. This cemented why she left the team in the first place ("You're the reason why I left the team, brother."). After she closed the door, Hego turned back, upset what what Shego just said.
  • The country of Rodigan, now a democracy, participates in the battle against the Lorwardians. Former Prince Wallace III seems to be in charge of the army. The Knights of Rodigan battle alongside the army, and even swore thier lives protecting the Wallace.
  • Nana starts kicking alien-ass!
  • The Tweebs use their inventions and genius to combat the Lorwardians. They even team-up with Wade on the same field.
  • Mr. Barkin participate in the battle. He leads his girl scouts, who throw cookies at the Lorwardians.
  • Felix uses his robotic-wheelchair on the tripods.
  • People who have ever given Kim and Ron rides participate in the battle. They serve as "first-strike" fleets against the tripods.
  • Jack Hench helps out anyway he can by using his Hench Co. resources in their disposal. Villainy consultant Hank Perkins is seen with Jack Hench.
  • Ron goes with Yori, Master Sensei, and Hirotaka to revive Monkey Fist.
  • In the promotional images, there is a third Lorwardian who never even appeared. He would be the field leader in the attack on Earth while Warhok and Warmonga watch from the mothership above. Someone in deviantART named him Warhamur.
  • They fly in space and have a space fight.
  • Ron and Shego have snuck inside to rescue Kim and Drakken. They were reunited, but Kim and Ron were captured while Drakken and Shego escape.

Part 3 – About the same as the second half of the actual second part, again with more details.

  • Feelings between Drakken and Shego are revealed.
  • Hego appears and helps in the battle against the Lorwardians.
  • The Giant Cheesy Mutant version of Ron (from "Grande Size Me") suddenly appears in Tokyo and starts smashing the tripods and tries stomping some Lorwardian shocktroopers. Giant Rufus and Giant Commodore Puddles also appears.
  • It is revealed that Yori has some relations to Nakasumi (grandfather or uncle?) and/or Miss Kyoko (sister, cousin or aunt?).
  • During the fight with the Lorwardians, Kim and Ron talk about their fears (Ron is afraid they'll go their separate ways after they graduate and Kim is afraid of the future after graduating). Then, they come face to face with Warhok and Warmonga who tells Kim and Ron they can't win despite everyone fighting against the invasion. They also tell them many enslaved race try to stop them but none prevailed and Earth is not so different. Its suddenly raining, and there's a lightning storm.
  • Ron, after being called a child by Warhok, charges towards him who easily whacks him, sending Ron flying and knocking Kim and Shego out cold. Ron gets up to sees Warhok lifting an unconscious Kim by the leg and held her high in front of the other Lorwardians telling them they'll take her to their planet to be killed, stuffed and mounted on Warmonga's wall as a trophy, as a token for their battle. Then the Lorwardians raise their spears up shouting in victory "For Lorwardia! Death to the girl!". Ron can't believe what's happening and what he's hearing, he's going to lose the most important person to these giant war-like people who would be evil enough to take great pleasure of killing an innocent teenage girl! It was terrifying enough that she might not see Kim again, but for her to die in cold blood and hang on the wall of a gruesome trophy room like some animal light-years away from everything she has ever known and loved, was the last straw!
  • The Lorwardians see Ron turning aura appears around blue when he's going all Mystical Monkey Power, they realize he is "The Great Blue".
  • Ron feels like a new person - full of confidence and courage - and tells the Lorwardians the errors of their ways. He suggests/commands them to change their way of life. The Lorwardians were furious that their prophesied leader is a sympathetic fool. Ron/Great Blue orders them to let go of Kim or else. Provoking him, they each grab Kim's leg and arm and start pulling her until she is literally ripped in half (à la what Rosie O'Donnell and Oprah Winfrey did to Jerry Springer in Celebrity Deathmatch). When Kim starts screaming her lungs out in agonizing pain, Ron jumped and punched Warmonga and Warhok, caught Kim and gently lay her on the ground. Then... the real game begins!
  • After throwing Warhok and Warmonga onto their oncoming crashing mothership, Ron powers down, passes out, and falls down. Kim looks in horror, doesn't know what to do but yells "ROOOOON!!!" Suddenly, someone jumps high to catch Ron before he hits the ground. It was the Fearless Ferret AKA Timothy North. He said, "Still got it."
  • The Monk appears before everyone and tells him his destiny has been fulfilled. Monkey Fist and his monkey ninjas then bow to Ron, as the true Mystical Monkey Master. Kim came to hug him, she's never been so proud of her BFBFF than she did right now. Fukushima was furious, he still sees Ron as an outsider and would never bow to him in a million years. But the angry glares from Monkey Fist, the Monkey Ninjas, the Monk, Kim, Ron, and Shego (Drakken only looks at him cluelessly, he still has no idea what just happened!) forces him to. Gill kisses up to him and said the only reason he called Ron a "squeep" was because he thought Ron was cool (yep, a kiss-ass).
  • All of this was broadcasted by Summer Gale (from "Day of the Snowmen"). Thanks to her, Ron has gotten as much respect as Kim. Now everyone (even Bonnie) doesn't see him as a loser anymore.
  • The graduation ceremony commence. After Ron got his diploma, Barkin says in his head "I'm going to miss that kid". Shawn was also there with his family watching Ron get his diploma. He now admires his big cousin. And his pet lizard wants to be "buddies" with Rufus.
  • Thinking she and Señor Senior Jr. might break up since she has to go to summer school, Bonnie tries coming onto Ron. After she put her arms around his shoulder, said "Hey Ron", and about to circle his heart with her finger, Ron (dissing her for the first time in his life) grabbed her hand and said "Don't EVEN think about it!" Then he and Kim walk off, and Kim (her arms around Ron) sticks her tongue out at Bonnie and smiles. Bonnie was pissed off at Kim and she hates her more than ever.
  • In the UN, Mama Lipsky and Go Team are in the audience. The Go Team were proud of Shego, Hego most of all. He said to a random person sitting next to him, "I knew there was still good in her deep down." Mego and Wegos rolled their eyes. We even see Go Team's parents for the first time, Mr. Go looks a lot like Hego and Mrs. Go looks a lot like Shego (there seems to be hints they used to be a superhero/supervillainess couple). Mama Lipsky said to someone sitting next to her, "I told you he was a good person who helps people." We also see Drakken's father for the first time, he looks like his son, without the blue skin.
  • The Lorwardians are in jail, where their cells are reinforced with their own technology, thanks to Global Justice and Area 51 scientists.
  • Everyone celebrates over Kim and Ron's victory over the Lorwardians. The Grad Night party is also being celebrated by the other people who helped in the battle (including the villains). Cousin Larry and Charlotte are seen dancing together, apparently they are going out now. The O-Boyz are on stage singing, along with a duet of M.C. Honey and Britina.
  • Just like in that alternate/deleted ending, Kim leaves home for college with a sad look on her face. Then after arriving, someone taps her shoulder, she spun around and to her joy, it's Ron! It turns out that since everyone saw the live broadcast of Ron defeating Warmonga and Warhok, every college and university wants to enroll Ron, who chose the one Kim was enrolling in. They are going to the same college after all. Now, more than ever, they both know whatever comes their way, they will face it together.
  • Then we end the episode with a montage of photos of: Kim and Ron attending classes in college. Graduating college. Kim and Ron in their careers in addition to continue saving the world. Having kids. The last shot is a large family photo of Kim, Ron, Rufus, their children, and other family and friends. We push back to see it is a photo album, with a feminine hand (with a ring) closing it, the cover says Memories in beautiful gold cursive.
  • Credits scene: In the villain bar, Bonnie turns into Camille Leon, and then turns into the weird customer Ron met at Smarty-Mart in part one.

Whenever I listen to "No Reason" by Sum 41, I think of the episode "Graduation". The song has an excellent rush to it, making it perfect for the action that's going on in the series finale.

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