This is a bit of a pet project of mine that I first decided to work on during a fit of boredom, and worked on-and-off the past month or so. Disclaimer, it's nowhere near official, it's just a personal project that started as a boredom-inspired thought exercise after I made note of a specific date sticking out to me in one of the episodes.

The date that stuck out to me was 1999, the expiration year of Frugal Lucre's little Vienna surprise. Now, given how he gets expired goods for free as a Smarty Mart employee, I highly doubt he's in much of a hurry to get the perfect free item with a UPC code he can modify. At most, he's had the can for a year after is expired. Regardless, he almost certainly acquired it recently enough. Plus, if I remember correctly from my Walmart experience, food stores don't keep expired goods all that long after they've gone bad. This almost certainly places season 1 somewhere around 2000-2001, taking into account a winter period during which "Downhill" takes place (with "Low Budget" taking place afterwards). Everything that doesn't already have a specific date mentioned in-universe is portrayed as relative to 1999 (except for one date which involves Mr. Barkin's military service in Vietnam). From there, I looked up the average age for sophomore students (15-16) and it allowed me to set this up.

I felt it was fitting that the turn of the millennium saw the shift in Kim's hero career. In "Crush" she's still taking mundane oddjobs like taking care of someone's cats for a week, and chronologically she hasn't encountered anyone of her rogues' gallery yet. With the turn of the century, her career shifts further towards heroism and fighting villainy, marked by the rise of supervillains to challenge Team Possible's heroism. Newer villains such as the Seniors and Monkey Fist rise to prominence, and older villains such as Dr. Drakken, Shego and Professor Dementor encounter Kim for the first time, the former two becoming her arch-foes.

It's not a comprehensive timeline with every episode and its events recorded, and I just went with a few events per season. It's not entirely objective, but it was a fun thought exercise. I might work on it a bit more in later days. I might also not work on it again, but I felt like sharing it nonetheless. This compilation of episode orders was of a big help with figuring out some of the logistics behind the chronological order of events, too. I added some of the more dubiously-canon elements from "Rewriting History" for the sake of recording, as well as the events of A Sitch in Time. Both have been marked accordingly to be separate from the "pure" timeline.

If something seems absurdly off, let me know.





  • Electrostatic Illuminator dream: Wayne is born.



  • Electrostatic Illuminator dream: The Tri-City Expo World's Fair takes place in Middleton, introducing new wonders such as the Ferris wheel, tacos and hamburgers.
  • Electrostatic Illuminator dream: Miriam Possible is framed for the theft of the Electrostatic Illuminator and flees Middleton.


c. 1968

  • Lieutenant Steven Barkin fights in the Vietnam War "thirty clicks" southeast of Mỹ Lai. He learns to cook during the war.[3]

c. 1970s

  • While in college, James Possible, Bob Chen and Ramesh inadvertently cause their friend Drew Lipsky to drop out of college by laughing at his Bebe project.
  • While in grad school, James Possible inadvertently unleashes the lab rat "Pinky Joe Curly Tail" after outfitting him with a cybertronic battle suit armed with a plasma blaster, resulting in the destruction of half the science building and the rat's rampage across campus.





  • During the first Possible family ski trip, two year old Kim Possible takes off her clothes in the middle of the ski lodge.[4]


  • Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable begin preschool together.
  • Tempus Simia timeline: Dr. Drakken, Monkey Fist and Duff Killigan infiltrate Kim and Ron's preschool and attempt to break her spirit.
  • Tempus Simia timeline: Teen Kim Possible arrives via time travel and fights Shego just across the street from the preschool.



  • Ron Stoppable loses two baby teeth after a bad toy horse ride outside Smarty Mart.[5]


  • Ron Stoppable learns how to cook with a Granny Crocket quick-bake mixer and oven set.[6]


  • Shaun is born.
  • Middleton High School’s home economy teacher retires.


  • Rufus is born.
  • goes online.
  • Kim Possible tries out for the cheerleader squad and makes the team.
  • Rufus is bought from Smarty Mart by Ron Stoppable.
  • Mr. Paisley hires Mr. McHenry to set up a security system to protect his collection of Cuddle Buddies. The lethal laser grid is accidentally activated, leaving the two trapped. Due to a typo, McHenry calls for Kim Possible instead of Team Impossible, her success launching her hero career.
  • Tempus Simia timeline: Dr. Drakken, Shego, Monkey Fist and Duff Killigan arrive moments before goes online.
  • Tempus Simia timeline: After preteen Team Possible's first mission succeeds, Monkey Fist summons the Stone Guardian of Satsuma to destroy her. Teen Kim Possible arrives to protect her younger self.
  • Tempus Simia timeline: Rufus 3000 brings in teen Ron Stoppable to help. He inadvertently reactivates the McHenry security grid and destroys the Stone Guardian.
  • Tempus Simia timeline: Dr. Drakken, Monkey Fist and Duff Killigan are arrested while Shego escapes through time.
  • Team Possible is founded.


  • Ron Stoppable's last nachovalanche occurs.[7]


  • Larry goes to the Tulsa convention center and acquires outtakes from The Moon Beyond Ios that includes deleted footage of the shrieker race.[8]
  • A can of Vienna sausages expires in a Philadelphia Smarty Mart. It is acquired by Francis Lurman, a Smarty Mart employee who modifies the UPC code to trigger a commerce-crippling virus.[9]



  • Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable begin their sophomore year.
  • Team Possible encounters Dr. Drakken and Shego for the first time after a robotic tick is stolen from Professor Acari.
  • The famous British archaeologist Lord Montgomery Fiske gets Team Possible to acquire the last of the Jade Idols in a temple in Cambodia. With the power of all four idols, he becomes Monkey Fist.
  • Dr. Drakken plots revenge against his former college friends, plotting to capture them with his Bebes and revealing himself to have been Drew Lipsky.
  • Eccentric billionaire Señor Senior, Senior and his son, Señor Senior, Junior turn to villainy as a passtime and family activity.
  • The mad Scottish golfer Duff Killigan kidnaps Professor Sylvan Green after being banned from all golfing courses on the planet (even mini-golf) and tries to turn the world into his own personal golfing course.
  • Dr. Drakken steals the Nakasumi Corporation factory assembly line to build the ultimate robot warrior from it.
  • Disgraced biogenetician Amy Hall takes refuge in Mount Middleton to further her experiments and is arrested for her unethical splicings after her attempt at splicing Steve Barkin and Rufus.


  • Adrena Lynn is outed as a fraud by Ron Stoppable and her show is cancelled.
  • "Kim style" becomes the latest fashion trend. Dr. Drakken attempts to clone an army of Kim Possibles.
  • Jim and Tim Possible build a portable silicon phase disrupter.
  • Professor Dementor steals the Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer and takes a vacation to Las Vegas.
  • Ron Stoppable's bar mitzvah is signed by Rabbi Katz.
  • Francis Lurman, now Frugal Lucre, threatens to destroy the internet through the use of his expired can of Vienna sausages if everyone in the world doesn't send him a dollar.
  • Dr. Drakken steals a weather machine from Wacky Wally and attempts to take over Canada with a powerful storm made from the water of the Great Lakes.
  • During Spring break, the Possibles and Ron Stoppable visit "Nana" Possible in Florida. Dr. Drakken attempts to take over the minds of spring breakers, only to tap into senior citizens' hearing aids instead.
  • Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable begin their junior year and take Latin class.
  • Tempus Simia timeline: Under the alias of "Ms. Ogehs", Shego splits up Team Possible by sending the Stoppable family to Norway.
  • Tempus Simia timeline: The Tempus Simia idol is assembled by Dr. Drakken, Monkey Fist and Duff Killigan and they escape through time.
  • Tempus Simia timeline: Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable disappear in the timeways, following Shego to the Future.
  • In an attempt to get more airtime, Summer Gale buys a used weather machine and creates the snowstorm of the century using water from Camp Wannaweep.


  • The Bebes choose Bonnie Rockwaller as their new queen and take her captive.
  • Bricks of Fury III releases at the theaters.
  • Electrostatic Illuminator dream: The Electrostatic Illuminator is rediscovered by Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, who unravel the truth of the case 100 years later.
  • Electrostatic Illuminator dream: The Electrostatic Illuminator overloads and is destroyed.
  • Team Impossible attempt to forcefully shut down Team Possible due to them cutting into TI's profits, though they're defeated and coerced into going non-profit and joining Global Justice.
  • Filming of Stolen Goods 3 in New Zealand is interrupted by Señor Senior, Junior attempting to steal the Tower of London prop, believing it to be the real.
  • Jimmy Blamhammer begins production of Kim Possible: The Movie, starring the famous Hollywood actors Heather and Quinn as Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable respectively.
    • Kim Possible: The Movie is cancelled in favor of the next big thing: Monkey Ninjas in Space.
  • An attempted kidnapping of Mr. Nakasumi is thwarted by Team Possible.
  • Synthodrone #901 infiltrates Middleton High as "Eric" and integrates himself in Kim Possible's social life.
  • The Diablo army is defeated, and Dr. Drakken and Shego are arrested.
  • Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable begin dating each other at their junior prom.
  • Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable begin their senior year.
  • Ron Stoppable becomes the Middleton Mad Dogs quarterback after cheating his way onto the team. After his cheating has been unveiled, he becomes the running back due to beating the all-time rushing record.
  • Jim and Tim Possible are skipped grades to Middleton High through the S.K.I.P. Program.
  • Motor Ed breaks Shego out of prison.
  • Dr. James Possible gives his old Roth SL Coupe to Kim. It's fixed and upgraded by Jim and Tim, and later upgraded into the Sloth 2.0 after being outperformed by Motor Ed's Kepler and again rebuilt after being totaled in the ensuring chase.
  • Kim Possible gets a job at Club Banana. Ron Stoppable is hired to work at Smarty Mary by Martin Smarty after saving him from a hostage situation.
  • Dr. Drakken is broken out of prison by the Lorwardian Warmonga.
  • Kim Possible's traditional mission outfit is replaced after being irreparably damaged during a mission and discontinued in all stores.
  • Hana is adopted by the Stoppable family.
  • For their "half-iversary", Kim gets Ron a flexible titanium-reinforced belt made by Wade. Kim suffers from temporary amnesia after a Memory Recovery Machine backfires with its batteries in backwards.


  • The Señor Seniors attempts to use Wade's "Cupid Ray" to make the world's girls fall in love with Junior.
  • Hank Perkins offers his services as villainy consultant to Dr. Drakken. Hank's Gourmet Cupcakes is built as a front for Drakken's world freezing plot.
  • Electronique breaks out of prison and uses a modified HenchCo Attitudinator to turn Team Go into her evil henchpeople, inadvertently turning Shego to good.
  • Professor Dementor attempts to steal Kim Possible's battlesuit with the help of her Cousin Larry, who thinks it's an elaborate roleplay scenario for his 19th birthday.
  • Graduation day for Middleton High is interrupted by the Lorwardian invasion. Kim Possible and Dr. Drakken are abducted by Warhok and Warmonga.
    • Warhok and Warmonga are killed by Ron Stoppable and the Lorwardian mechas are destroyed by Dr. Drakken, putting an end to the invasion.


2021 (Tempus Simia timeline)

  • Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable time travel to the future, arriving in Shegoton along with Rufus 3000. Fleeing on foot while Rufus 3000 held off security drones, they're soon captured and taken to the Attitude Adjustment Center, the repurposed Middleton High School.
  • Before having obedience collars strapped to them by Bonnie Rockwaller, a squad of naked mole rats led by Rufus 3000 and Jim and Tim Possible break into the Attitude Adjustment Center and rescue Kim and Ron, escaping aboard the Kiminator Mk. XII.
  • Taken to the Rebellion's headquarters in Upperton, now North Shegoton, Kim and Ron meet the leader of the resistance: Wade.
  • The Resistance infiltrates the Supreme One's tower through the sewers to retrieve the Tempus Simia idol, fighting their way through its interior defenses, comprising of Monkey Fist and his monkey ninjas, Robo-Duff and Dr. Drakken.
  • The Tempus Simia idol is accidentally destroyed by Ron Stoppable, resetting time to the pre-Tempus Simia era.


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