hey all on the Kim possible wiki i need some one to do a kim possible theam skin on several tanks skin on world of tanks game by and if you know how to do shuch a thing than great becuse i suck at doing this kinda thing so i get you some links to help you

Note: 8.0 came out so it will be some time (maybe not) to get the skin to the updated looks and shuch things

My oringinal post on the American WOT (World of tanks) forms

link to the skin making thingy on the American forms

more like guides and other things related to skins

if yoo dont have the game it free to download and play and so one

the files are in .dds files so you eather had a photo shop program that dose .dds files or get a .dds on the bloody froms so do some homework on it aging i'm not that kinda person who realy knows what hes doing (derp)

oh one more thing as to make this still kim possible reated i will make another post about planes B and C

on to get kim possible back on the T.V and what was plane was to requset sesson 5 of the show so it been five years sooooooooo........yea that faild but i got some good ideas to help (or save it from oblivion) the only problem is geting enough people to do it and support it

Please and thank you i will get back with the wiki as i go to the aceapedia do some thing there and do a little more thinking on the Plans B and C and yea :)

long live KIm Possible

note: i do use this pic a trade mark(it puting pictures on the wall floors and stuff) now on my team fortress 2 game so look out for that if you play TF2!