As mentioned in the Community-corner, "Nana" is not the same as "Nana" Possible. Not only does Kim's mother (Alyson Hannigan) say "you okay. Mom?" in the squeezing *plasma cage (forcefield)* indicate "Nana" is not James' mother, but being redhead same as Kim and her mother shows us Nana is indeed the maternal grandmother.

Had this sort of discrepancy remained with only "Nana", it would be a cool expansion to the Possible Family as well as not even trying to replace the late great Debbie Reynolds.

But there are other… inexplicable inconsistencies:

  1. Kim's Mother is never identified in either dialog or crediting as Ann Possible. In dialog she is only "Mom" and the closest mention to the character in credits is for the "Mom Stunt Double" in the ending credits.
  2. Kim's Father is only identified in both dialog AND credits as "Dad" and not as James Possible.
  3. Bonnie Rockwaller is only ever identified in dialog as Bonnie and "Bon Bon", no "Rockwaller".
  4. Steven Barkin is only ever identified in dialog AND end credits as "Mr. Barkin", no first name.

At the moment I'm not recommending the same response as with Nana. But who knows what the future of the Live-Action Continuity may bring?

I have zero clues as to why a product produced by the same franchise creators left so many well-known and verifiable Original Canon Continuity details as vague and ambiguous in this their latest addition to their own rebooted intellectual property unless it is to leave open options to change them from what went before. But it is what it is, and like in many other franchises where reboots and incarnations make changes both major and minor, the Kim Possible fandom needs to be less woke, intractable, and prepared for possibilities…

Thoughts and commentary will be appreciated.

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