New and Kim-proved logo

As you can see, there's some changes being made to the wiki. Since I wound up adopting it, I thought I'd signal its revival with a new logo and some updates to the main page.

I already have quite a bit to do on my other projects, so I'm not exactly sure what all the changes will be, nor how soon they will be put into place, but here's some to begin with:

  • Determining how to handle fan fiction. Do we include it here in a separate section, or shall we let other sites like handle it since they're already established?
  • Standardizing the layout of each page, and introducing new layouts for characters, episodes, songs, locations, etc.
  • "De-Wikipedia-ing" the pages. Most of the episode pages currently say things like "(Episode) is episode number 31 of Disney's animated adventure show Kim Possible." I'd like to see us write from an in-universe point of view, as if we're in Middleton alongside Kim and Ron, watching them as they go about their day. Many other wikis use this point of view, whereas Wikipedia has to be a neutral reference for an outside viewpoint.
  • Using the Forums to discuss wiki issues and talk about the show.
  • Establishing policies so we have a consistent way of handling problems. I will probably bring some existing policies over from another wiki, like I have done with the Block policy.

For that last one, we will probably have to do it backwards of what we normally would. The usual procedure is to propose a policy or a modification to an existing policy, let the community of users make suggestions for changes, then they vote on it.

Since we really don't have an active community yet, I will have to make some decisions regarding the policies in order to be ready to deal with problems that will occur as this wiki gets more popular.

But I don't want this to be a dictatorship. So what we're going to do is for any policy that I bring in, we can discuss it and make changes to it to fit this wiki. If people come up with better/more logical ways of handling an issue, I'm for it. If they like it the way it is, they can cast a vote to approve it. As I said, getting policies in now helps us deal with upcoming problems and we can make adjustments afterwards.

RRabbit42 (leave a message) 05:40, August 24, 2010 (UTC)